Biorę udział

Alina, Dream Tarot, Lithuania 2016


Coming to this workshop, I did not even expect that it will be so deeply transforming for me. Playing my own dreams through music, dance or painting joined me with my body and thanks to it I could touch different aspects of myself. The body brought surprising information when I entered deeply into the various forms and objects of my dreams. For example, when I danced one of my dreams, I suddenly felt a woman from the dream in my body – this part of my femininity that was deeply repressed and which so far I was not able to bring to the surface.

I am very grateful for this workshop. Thanks to it, for the first time in my life, I really felt my body. I not only felt my body vibrating, but mainly I felt all emotions and feelings, which I was not aware of and which until now I did not know. Throughout my life I have been cut off from my body, I lived only in the head, and there scenes that I interpreted with anger or fear were played. And suddenly at the workshop – when Mario showed us how to contact with the body, how to enter it – it turned out that when previously head interpreted anger, the body showed me sadness or deep longing – the feelings that seemed far to me.
At this workshop I entrusted the body, entrusted, that it is a wise counselor. And suddenly, in front of me the whole range of deep feelings have opened – from deep peace to a crazy joy and love. I lack words to bring the wealth of all the feelings I experienced. But now I know that all of these feelings are in me – feelings coming out of my opening heart. After this workshop I slowly start going out of my head and feel with my body.
I am beginning to feel different images, music, the energy of nature, the energy of other people. Completely different quality opens up to me – I see things that were not available to me when I was „in the head”. I feel the colors, feel the richness of nature and when the opening from the body appears, I begin to enjoy the small moments of the day, and the world around me begins to take on colours, and I start to feel a great pleasure out of this abundance. I feel that I experience deeper, I am deeper.
Thank you for this new quality.