Tomek – Shamanic Workshop ‘The Hero’s Journey’ – February 2018

There are times when I do not know what I’m feeling, I am closed in myself, cut off from emotions, insensitive, locked in an armour.
An armour which I unknowingly put on, a bit after a bit, day by day while walking through life.
An armor that is heavy and squeezes me by taking my breath away together with the possibility of movement.
This way it is easy to lose myself, go astray, focus on tasks, goals, and optimization.
Full concentration on the job, setting my professional priorities in my head, in a way detach me from the other person and from myself.

It’s time to meet and feel.
And at some point I wake up and see that I have strayed from the path.
Today I can see it.
I know that I lost my way and that the armour returned to its place.
Today I am not afraid of this, because I understand what it is and where this armour comes from.

Today I have a recipe for dismantling the armour and, perhaps most importantly, the courage and strength to do it.
Today I know that I do not have to fear to open to the world and other people.
Today I know that I should be afraid of this closure because it strangles and shrinks me.

And getting back to myself is so simple.
Just reach, dance, breathe, smile and feel the power in yourself.
The power which, hidden and invisible yesterday, will shine today and show a good path.

Thank you
And in simple way – I know when the balloon has too much pressure and how to release the air out of it.

Tomasz – April 2018