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Shamanic Workshop – ‘Dancing with the Gods & Goddesses’

27/05/2024 - 02/06/2024

Nowa Morawa, Sudeten, Poland

‘Mythology is not a lie; mythology is poetry, it is metaphorical. It has been well said that mythology is the penultimate truth –– penultimate because the ultimate cannot be put into words. It is beyond words, beyond images, beyond that bounding rim of the Buddhist Wheel of Becoming. Mythology pitches the mind beyond that rim, to what can be known but not told.’

— Joseph Campbell

Dive into the heart of the mystery

Even if you think you don’t know anything about myths, you’ve probably heard of Oedipus, Hercules, Eros, Psyche, or the Minotaur.

Every day, myths manifest their meaning through artistic creation: paintings, sculptures or films, series and adventure games.

But most of all, they are an emanation of our deep humanity and they give you access to the mystery that you are to yourself.

Everyone has their own myth that guides them through life. ‘Dancing with the Gods’ is a rite of passage, a proposition of a conscious encounter with one’s destiny. By getting to know your myth, working on it through various rituals, you will perceive past events and the course of your life in a slightly different light. The direction of your future will take different colors. And looking back at the past can reveal a completely different aspect of your story. You can be more aware of upcoming events in your life and understand your destiny more.

It is a call to adventure, a shamanic quest, to meet oneself and the purpose of one’s life.


Enter and experience intrigue, immerse yourself in the action of the mythical plot

When you decide to go deeper into a myth, you step into the skin and personality of a mythical character who presents a hidden mystery to you.

Have you ever wondered what the Minotaur sees in Theseus when they meet? Why does Medea decide to kill her own children? Or why, at the last moment, does Orpheus turn to Eurydice? Why is Psyche ready to do anything and unite with Eros?

By following in the footsteps of a mythical figure that intrigues you, you relive their journey to feel and see what the message is conveying in your experience – sensual, emotional, intuitive – to feel the vitality that drives it.

It is an experience beyond all preconceived notions or what is understood by the intellect itself, thus you discover the true thread of this character’s adventure… at the same time you experience an inner adventure, on a level so intimate that your everyday life becomes enriched, even if  you cannot comprehend it on the intellectual level.


Myths and shamanic quest

To find the deep dimension that animates everything, we will learn how to communicate with the invisible worlds.
The basis of the practice of all shamans in the world is the spiritual journey of the soul to another world, in other words, a shamanic quest. During shamanic journeys, shamans come into contact with spiritual beings – shamans call them “spirits” or “allies” – who often appear to them as animals (animals of power) and personal or mythological ancestors (spiritual guides). These allies of the other world impart to the shaman the strength and knowledge that allow him to do the work of healing and balancing himself, others and the world around him.
When you have the opportunity to enter your chosen myth with your whole being, what you are going through is your inner shamanic quest that allows you to make a great change.


How to choose your myth

You can choose any myth you want to discover.

On what basis to choose?
In Europe, myths from Greece, Rome, the Middle East, the myths of the Slavs, Celts and Scandinavia are well known. There are also many other myths from other continents of incredible beauty and depth.

How to choose? Set aside any intellectual considerations and let yourself be carried away by your pleasure, the need to surprise your inner child. Let yourself be carried away by the taste of the secret and simply choose the “beautiful story”.

You don’t know anything about mythology? It does not matter! First, you can browse through books and fairy tales about mythology. Then see what attracts you. Remember what fairy tales or myths attracted you in your childhood. See how the story resonates in your body, what emotions arise when you read or listen to it.

Your final choice will depend primarily on the feeling of pleasure, activated imagination, intuition that it is something “for you”.

The only condition when choosing a myth is that the myth ends positively, i.e. you do not choose the story of Icarus who falls from the sky and dies.

If, nevertheless, you feel the need, you can ask them to accompany you in the selection (before the Workshop starts).


A group work

It is team work, you are not alone! In your inner journey, you will have the opportunity to play as a character in your myth along with other people, and you will also have the opportunity to experience characters in other people’s myths. Thanks to this, you will experience the dynamics and mystery of other myths as well.

Of all that can be said with words, myths are the closest to the truth. They talk about the intimate meaning of life. Miracle, joy, fear, dullness, creation, and recreation mix. Great paintings, heroes and gods, monsters and demons take their place in the eternal theater of transformation.
As long as a person maintains the quality of an astonished heart, this inner child, ready for new adventures, can live in it even in old age.
Frances Wickes

Myths are the dreams of the world. Archetypal dreams about great human problems.
I am aware of when, at what moment I stand in front of one of these thresholds.
The myth tells me about it and tells me how to react to these or other crises, disappointments, raptures, defeats and successes. Myths tell me where I am at any given moment.’
Joseph Campbell ‘The Power of Myth’


Mario Wisniewski – Animator, psychotherapist, actor, director, teacher of tantra, and shaman.

A vigilant observer of the reality, beekeeper and traveller, passionate about life.

A happy husband and father, supported by his wife Gaya and a team of therapists, always with a sense of humour.

Our place

Place: Nowa Morawa, the Massif of Snieznik, Lower Silesia, Poland. The home ‘Modra Rzeka’ is a place that will host you with delicious vegetarian home cuisine. The meals are made by locally grown ecological products, coming from the mountains and valleys around– vegetables, fruit, cheese, homemade preserves.


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