Meeting with your own inner child

Are you a happy person in love with life or a serious, responsible and controlling one? In other words, are you in touch with your inner child or mainly with your adult? Or maybe you can combine one with the other?

When was the last time you jumped out of joy, enjoyed the sunset and every moment?

Childhood is a very rich period. We are spontaneous, joyful, trustful, creative, full of faith in ourselves. Oh, how great is everything I see! How cool is this ball! How lovely is this worm! Mom, look, I just peed in such nice panties! Daddy, look, I’m running, cool! Everything is new, we absorb everything like sponges. We are full of wonder about ourselves and the world.

The world delights us, and at the same time it sometimes scares us a bit. We are addicted to the adult world, adults feed us, take care of us, decide for a long time what and when we can do. Our parents, grandparents, and babysitters put in us many of our principles about what is good and what is bad. We are fighting for their acceptance. Then comes the school, other institutions, our surroundings, the society with their views, what is good for the girl, and what is the role of the boy… And with all confidence, we accept beliefs of older people as our own. Beliefs that may have been appropriate many years before, or maybe they were already outdated… And often this is how we live the next several decades and pass it on to our children…

And that is why at some stage of development it is worth returning to your inner child. Discover it anew in you. Recall its laughter, joy, simplicity of being, trust, curiosity of the world. Take courage to be yourself, do crazy things. Become aware of cultural messages that no longer serve us, and disconnect from them. In order to fully develop the wings and be able to realize ourselves in adult life. To live as me. Not as a daughter / son, not as an urgent or naughty student, but as a mature adult. The one who can use the advantages of its child when he needs it. He can enjoy life, play, create, feel his value and believe in himself. And he is a responsible, mature, adult man.

When we integrate the inner child in ourselves, we also get a distance to ourselves, to the role of a woman, to the role of a man, we gain a new perspective on the relationship. And we can live and love in a different way in a new way that corresponds to today’s times and the reality in which we live. In line with the universal deep values ​​that connect people. Our sexuality can be different, flowing out of our pure self, happier, more pleasant and more conscious. It may turn out that we allow ourselves more joy, spontaneity and love, and that it is easier for us to feel our own direction in life and power to implement it. And that with a mature look we embrace the community in which we live and act responsibly for the common good. And we are happy to give something to the world…

Anna Waszkielewicz

The Hero’s Journey – what is it?

There are many events on the path of a human life, we deal with them in one or another way, often repeating the same patterns, without any awareness that we do so… One day we encounter a deadlock in life… or one day we ask ourselves more and more often questions we cannot find clear answers to, and what’s next?… Just then the call to the Hero’s Journey appears… the call to travel deep inside yourself 🙂

An adventure with your own self every mythical Hero sets off.

When we hear the call, we become the part of our own myth at this moment, we experience everything as a Hero, at the same time we confront the various unconscious forces that lie dormant in us and block our lives and which are the potential to fulfil our deepest dreams.

The Wonderland awaits each Hero… because the Hero believes that it exists and wants to reach it, but the other part is called the demon of resistance, for example in the form of a dangerous, multi-headed, fire-breathing Dragon, and it has an arsenal of “disabilities”.

Of course there are HELPERS, the Hero also builds and sanctifies his Power Instrument, which is also a part of his Self. And so he sets off on a journey to confront the DEMON of his own RESISTANCE, to help the world… to become precious to himself… to change a piece of himself… to see everything that happens in a new different way to give life a new quality.

The Hero’s Journey Workshop is a great tool, once integrated, it opens its secrets. It is a favourite workshop often repeated by the participants, because the Hero has many challenges and likes to be well prepared for everyone. Welcome to the adventure. <3