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“The Dream Tarot” – Shamanic Workshop, working with dreams

09/10/2023 - 15/10/2023

Nowa Morawa, Sudeten, Poland


Open the gate to the world of lucid dreams!!!

Everything was created through a dream

The dream world is the ultimate medium, an incomprehensible field and an authentic reality where who you really are manifests all the time.

In this place where everything exists because it is pure potential from which everything can express itself through the infinite awareness of the whole.

In our rational world, we believe that our whole life takes place during the day, where so much happens, while on the contrary, our true reality takes place in the night world, where all our dreams fill you with many possibilities for you to live no longer in one reality as you imagine it, but through many realities that we constantly experience but no longer remember.

Understanding that our whole being contains this reality, just like our everyday reality.

Because most often we see ourselves only as this tiny part, believing that life is just what we live day by day, we close ourselves to the possibility of opening up to this amazing spiritual being that we are!!!

Because most often we see ourselves only as this tiny part, believing that life is just what we live day by day, we close ourselves to the possibility of opening up to this amazing spiritual being that we are!!!

But we can achieve this by being aware of Our dream world, which is like a connection. Our dream world is the gateway to a gradual rediscovery of the full extent of Our inner realm of which we are unaware.

These two worlds; Our everyday life every single day and the time when we dream, should be combined, because they are the necessary way to our existence, so that we can make a multidimensional experience again in full consciousness and recognize who we are.

We are a whole, most of which we ignore, and because we have forgotten all of where we came from, we only grow through the mundane experience of everyday life, which lacks all the essence that is our dream world.

Our dream world can show us the infinite possibilities of our true being so that we can live and consciously experience the infinite universes that we ourselves are constantly creating as beings connected to the source. Our dreams are a learning ground for who we really are, because here we can create anything, even things that are outside of us.

In our dreams there are no limits that we can have in the daytime world by all our beliefs. The dream world is beyond belief, beyond the mental field, and also, on some level, beyond the artificial matrix.

The more we regain full awareness of all our dream experiences, the more we reconnect with the very essence of our creative being. You are a creator and you are constantly creating, even if you don’t know it, you are always creating your reality, and dreams are for you to understand; understand  how to create, because when you know how to dream, you can consciously create your dream-like universe as your everyday universe.😀😀

There is a magical relationship between your total and infinite being and you, the little being who experiences everyday life.

This relationship continues throughout all the realities we find ourselves in and manifests through a series of signs and timings to convey to us the essential message of Our Being, as it comes straight from Our Infinite Being.

We have some access to this dimension in the daytime world, during meditation, deep focus, trances and shamanic rituals, but it is in the dream world that after the first layers, which are still under the influence of the matrix, you can have full access to this dimension and read from it all messages and move on to the real science, which is to understand how to dream lucidly, so that our lives will be like a wonderful and amazing dream.

If you want to get to know deeper who you are, I invite you this amazing year to an extraordinary workshop “Dream and Tarot” created by my teacher and friend Paul Rebillot, one of the precursors of Gestalt therapy, creator of the international school of Trainers and Psychotherapists ‘The school of Gestalt and Experimental Teaching’.

I invite everyone who wants to develop and courageously discover the secrets of this amazing adventure that is life.

During the workshop “Dream and Tarot” you will bring your dreams to life. You will experience them as if they were happening here and now. Instead of telling dreams as if they were a story from the past, you will act them out so that they become a part of you, so that awareness, understanding, new direction, meaning of life, and everything that Dreams want to tell you come into your life. It is also a time of fun, spontaneity, dancing and new inspirations.


The workshop is based on the theory of Jung and Pearls. It was originally created by my late teacher and friend Paul Rebillot. It is the opening of the door to the depths of ourselves, to what is conscious and what lies beyond the unconscious of your existence. It invites you to get to know yourself, to identify with every particle of the dream, in which you change every ‘it’ to ‘I’, and then your vitality and your potential increase. Every moment you immerse yourself in dreaming is as important as every breath that fills your body with life. It is this moment that tells you exactly where you are in relation to yourself, in relation to others and to the world in this moment.

Dreams are one of our most intimate experiences. Every night we dream, and every dream is the only one. The world we see in dreams – however disturbing, scary, beautiful or full of sex – reveals all our secrets. For a shaman, lucid dreaming is of inestimable value! Is it possible to have a closer connection with the subconscious than when sleeping?

During sleep, events seem very real. Their purpose is to make some subtle changes in ourselves. They are part of the process of spiritual development. For the shaman, both worlds are one coherent existence. This is the essence of shamanism. Whatever we change during sleep or in the worlds energetically similar to dreaming, we change in our “world of Form” known to us from everyday life.

Start writing down your dreams today, they can be short and long, there can be fragments of them. The fresher they are, the better. For the workshop, draw a minimum of 12 cards depicting your dreams. Using them, we will put the tarot of your dreams, and you will also learn this during the workshop.

We invite individuals and couples, also those who work with other people, therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, personal development trainers, coaches. This is also a workshop for actors, theater directors, dancers, choreographers and people who deal with art on a daily basis. All those who want to expand their creative workshop by working on themselves.

Facilitator: Mario supported by his wife Gaya and the animation team.


Advance payment and participation in the workshop means that the participant has read Rules and Regulations and undertakes to comply with them.


Mario Wisniewski – Animator, psychotherapist, actor, director, teacher of tantra, and shaman.

A vigilant observer of the reality, beekeeper and traveller, passionate about life.

A happy husband and father, supported by his wife Gaya and a team of therapists, always with a sense of humour.

Our place

Place: Nowa Morawa, the Massif of Snieznik, Lower Silesia, Poland. The home ‘Modra Rzeka’ is a place that will host you with delicious vegetarian home cuisine. The meals are made by locally grown ecological products, coming from the mountains and valleys around– vegetables, fruit, cheese, homemade preserves.


Registration and contact

This workshop has already taken place. We invite you to other workshops – leave a message and we will inform you about the upcoming dates.

Contact: Aleksandra Jozwiak, +48 720 893 888,