Gaya in the course of her life has come into touch with different forms of energetic and philosophic attitude to human being and human connection to the universe. She studied Macrobiotics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, healing with the sound of Tibetan bowls and gongs, bioenergy therapy and other methods of healing the soul and body. She has studied psychotherapy combined with body work and graduated from Institut de Formation en Communikation et Therapie Psycho-Corporelle in Strasbourg. She has participated in Jack Painter’s teaching – the author of the Postural Integration method, and Paul Rebillot, a creator of the Experimental Gestalt Therapy based on myths work.

Taoist philosophy, tantric Buddhist approach and shamanic practices are close to her. Her path is using people’s great experience and potential to the benefit of the others. In her work with people today, thanks to her broad experience, she is able to perceive each person in a wide spectrum. One day a completion of her path was the meeting with Mario.

OUR MEETING – Before we became a family, we were following our own paths, developing in different directions. Both of us were looking for a soul mate. Really.

It is a long story… until one day when we met… and we did not recognize the other half. And as it happens in fairy tales we were given another chance. This time the whole universe had worked to help fulfilling the oracle so that two restless souls could meet. And as you can imagine, this magical bond was tantra, which is the energy of transformation and awakening and goes beyond any limitations. The pledge of this meeting is our daughter MAYAQUEN – NAYELI (White She-wolf).Today, we no longer remember who or what connected us, maybe one thing or another, or maybe both… However, due to feeling the transforming power of energy, not only in our lives, but also the lives of our friends, we wish to share its transformational force with everyone. Our faithful companion is intuition, which is reaching the divine guidance and its own source.