New Year Tantra of the Heart workshop


It is already for the 17th time we are meeting as every year between 28th of December and the 1st of January. In Nowa Morawa, Sudeten, Massif of Snieznik.


Tantric New Year is a combination of the power of sacred rituals and tantric energy. This is a meeting with another human being in a great respect and sensual softness of touch. Touch of body, heart and soul. In the transformational dimension of our life.

And everything will begin in a circle… At the junction of times, the year 2018 and 2019, a great ritual of transition and transformation awaits us, in which we will leave behind the past, our fears, beliefs and we will rebirth in the ecstatic dimension of existence. The rhythm of transformation will be shaken by shamanic drums.

The rite of passage to the New Year is like an alchemical process.

Firstly, we breathe and strive for a full connection with ourselves and through this to connect with others. Secondly, we let old habits and internal resistance go to give a chance to sprout seeds of new energy. Thirdly, we experience the process of Alchemy and revive in our lives as a joyful and spontaneous woman and as a joyful and spontaneous man. And fourthly, integration; we immerse ourselves in a new direction that we give to our existence. To become fully a creator of our life and to enjoy its riches and gifts that every day brings to us.

The New Year is a celebration of change, a playful and joyful celebration. We will be led by dance, swaying hips, deep and releasing breath, tantric massage, poetry, theatre… and a lot of good humour. We invite you to participate in the celebration of entering the New Year, in lightness and depth, dissolution and sanctity, splendor and love… and above all, to fully and consciously experience this amazing moment of transition!!


We invite couples and singles.

We invite you to create your own life! We invite you to have an exceptional fun!

Teacher: Mario supported by his wife Gaya and the team of animators.

A space full of fun and adventures awaits children and teenagers: ski slopes, snowboards, skis, sleds, forest trips, horse riding, Bear’s Cave, ceramics and painting classes. For the youngest there is a nanny and plenty of fresh air.

Information and registration: Aleksandra Jozwiak, + 48 720 893 888,


Place: Modra Rzeka is a place in the Massif of Snieznik, which will provide you with a wonderful home-made vegetarian cuisine, meals made of organic products grown in the surrounding mountains and valleys – vegetables, fruits, cheese, homemade products.


Advance payment and participation in the workshop means that the participant has read the Terms and Conditions and undertakes to abide them.