Tantric New Year 2019/2020, Nowa Morawa, Poland

A family meeting of souls who, while meeting for the first time, feel as if they had known each other for ages. Beautiful and deep rituals – dance of life and death, farewells and greetings, closing and opening. Each wonderful minute spent here and now, deep within myself, with myself and among amazing people and warm hosts. Hosts are mindful and attentive, with great care. A place where everyone can regain their inner power. Food is a delight to the palate. A taste that cannot be described but felt. An atmosphere of openness, love, acceptance, joy, unity and tremendous respect. Thank you. Feeling of  great gratitude, lightness, joy and abundance.
Dori, Tantric New Year’s Eve at the Theater of Life, Modra Rzeka 2019/2020

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