The Inner Child

The Inner Child Tantra Workshop is a return to our inner Home. You will reach the beginnings of your energetic journey on the planet Earth. You will discover your inner child, joyful, playful, spontaneous, sensitive, emotional, full of magic and wisdom.

The Inner Child Workshop is a basic tantra workshop open to all those who want to experience tantra and meet and cherish their inner child through its energy.

In the course of the workshop you will go back to the beginnings of you energetic journey through the planet Earth, to the moment when two people, Father and Mother, chose to meet and their two energies merged. No matter how we may judge this encounter from our perspective, whether we perceive it as positive or negative, or even tragic, our sexual energy, life energy that we emanate today is contained within this primary union. The development of our sexuality and our everyday life has been, gradually or traumatically, inhibited by the course of events experienced in our childhood and adolescence. This early part of our life has an enormous impact on the formation of our personality, and on our relationships with others and the Universe later in life.

Through the conscious process of reliving these stages we will get the chance to see, feel and integrate the energies (and emotions) in ourselves. It is not only our sexuality that is determined by the quality of the relationship with our inner child. It is our whole psychological and spiritual development that depends on that. Childhood and adolescence shape our life pattern, our subconscious program, inner code according to which we carry out our life… often, unfortunately, with a great dose of suffering. The choice of partner and the quality of relationship experience is, in a way, determined too. This workshop can give rise to the activation of the uninhibited flow of sexual energy in ourselves and in our relationships.

Mort et ResurrectionThe workshop will help you find, cherish and befriend your inner child again. You will get rid of old patterns, discover and start weaving your reality anew, making new relationships, free from programs and mechanisms that are blocking you in your everyday life.

Contacting your inner child, you will find the joy and energy of life again!

If you feel the time has come to meet tantra, and through the tantric energy to meet your own inner child, we do invite you to find yourself anew, to the world of discovery, transformation, and the miracle of finding.