Death and Resurrection – Shamanic Workshop


The “Death and Resurrection” workshop is a deep inner process that opens us to the mysteries of life and death. Death is a part of life and sooner or later everyone must meet her. At one point we lose everything, money, family, and the beloved one. We only bring with us who we are at that moment of our lives.

At every level of development, both spiritual, emotional and physical, we must bury our ego, to die for it, to be born again. This workshop is an internal transformation that involves preparing us for our symbolic death and for the rebirth of the true self. This is a process that will allow us to make our attachment to people, things and our image transform. This allows us to enter a completely unknown space. Like a shaman who goes on a long journey to meet with death and rebirth.Warsztat Szamanski Smierc i Odrodzenie

Through this rebirth we can begin to create the life we desire.
You can initiate the necessary changes, feel the need for the heart and the desire of the soul. You will rediscover your dreams and you will feel courage and new power to fulfil them. This is an inner path that opens us to the awareness of life, time, and the things that really matter to us in life. To awaken the courage in you to live your life fully.Warsztat Szamanski Smierc i Odrodzenie

‘Death and Resurrection’ is a shamanic workshop in which we use the original concept of Paul Rebillot, our teacher and friend. In our work we use many years of therapeutic experience, deep and sincere work on the change of one’s life.

Shamanic rituals are personal events that are meant to give power to all intentions and desires so that they can come true.

‘Death and Resurrection’ is a series of rituals with a goal to bring about a multi-level, profound change in life. It is an inner process, a journey that opens you up to the consciousness of life and the passing time.Warsztat Szamanski Smierc i Odrodzenie

What if you were given a second chance, a chance for a new life? Would it look the same? Would you live it the same way?With love and acceptance, you will terminate and bid farewell to what you no longer need. You will find within you the desire to close the chosen chapters of your life with gratitude and joy.
In the symbolic act of writing down your last will you will notice what you have achieved in life. You will create your own, unique ritual, that will allow your various attachments – to people, things and your self-image – to transform.

Warsztat Szamanski Smierc i OdrodzenieIn the course of the workshop, you will have an opportunity to recall and experience again all the stages in your life, from birth until the present moment: your successes and failures; desires, dreams and frustrations, forming relationships and their falling apart. 

Where have you lost the direction in your life and what essential things have you forgotten? You will get rid of the addictions and commitments that have been limiting you. You will learn to build on things that bring you pleasure, energy, well-being and prosperity.
What if you were given a second chance, a chance for a new life? Would it look the same? Would you live it the same way?Warsztat Szamanski Smierc i Odrodzenie

Symbolic encounter with your own death can be treated as a mirror in which you see who you have been and how you used up your time on Earth, your past life.

This workshop can be the beginning of life in openness and trust in the world and future events.

Let us breathe life – full of love, acceptance and joy!
Changes do not depend on the passage of time. They start with the decision!

We invite individuals and couples, including those who work with other people, therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, coaches. These are also workshops for actors, theatre directors, dancers and choreographers. All those who by working on themselves want to expand their creative working tools.

Facilitator: Mario, supported by his wife Gaya and a team of therapists; animator, psychotherapist, actor, director, teacher of tantra and a shaman. A vigilant observer of the reality, a beekeeper and traveller, passionate about life. A happy husband and father, always with a sense of humour.

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