Tantric workshops

“The Union of man and woman is like the marriage of Heaven and Earth.  Heaven and Earth last forever because they are married. Human have lost those secrets and have therefore become mortal. By knowing the secret, the Path to immortality is opened. Sang-Ku-san-Tai.

Tantric workshops are the place for those, who feel there is something more to their relationship, work, relations with other people. They are the answer for those who want  to discover their sexuality, their masculinity and femininity. For those who like new challenges as well as those who have lost any hope for a change in their lives. Deep inside our hearts we dream about love full of commitment, fulfilled sexuality, beautiful relationship, joy of everyday life, warm family life with passion. Few people succeed.

How can you bring spontaneity and energy back to your relationship? Why is the idea of a harmonious partnership so difficult to put into practice? How to overcome the feeling of separation, create the feeling of unity with yourself, others and the world?

In tantra, whose roots and presence can be found in the oldest cultures, under different names, through different breathing and meditation technics, sexual energy is manifested, the energy which is nothing more but the energy of love. From the dawn of human history, through  the primordial shamanism and different systems of beliefs, the eternal dance can be discerned, the dance of masculine and feminine energy, the dance of form and void. In tantra we talk about the game of opposites, the yin – yang , which are in constant motion. A man is both an actor and a director of the performance of his life, where he can experience all aspects of himself, transform them, to touch the depths of joy and happiness. We begin to radiate joy and happiness in everyday life, in normal life on the Earth.

Our Tantric workshops offer a unique opportunity to take a fresh look at where we are in our lives and who we truly are. Do we feel fulfilled? Are we really satisfied with what we are doing with our life? Nowadays we have lots of knowledge of different forms of therapeutic work and self-development, but it is little that we know about a tantric attitude to life. What we mean by that is not a philosophy, although tantra is usually associated with Tibetan Buddhism or just Hindu sexual techniques, but a way of life, means of working on developing your own self, which broadens perception and touches the reality. As a result we begin to satisfy our needs and live the life full of love. Limiting yourself just to doing energy building exercises will not teach you much of what tantra really is about. Tantra cannot be comprehended intellectually, it can only be experienced. Emotions arising in us become our strength, our inner power. Once we set them free from the armour that we have put on our sensitivity and delicacy, their power transfers us to the new reality, to the CONSCIOUS BODY AND AWAKENED HEART.

To truly understand the tantra of love you need to be conscious of yourself, awake from a dream. Tantra also encompasses the aspects of shamanism and mysticism. Tantric energy is a great mystery, that when awoken, fills our whole body leading to the inner integration with oneself and then with a partner and to beautiful nourishing relations with other people. Through introducing psychotherapeutic exercises, shamanic elements and drama, we can offer a more complex context for self-development. Healing old wounds, awakening of consciousness, dissolving tiresome patterns and mechanisms that we live in, result in creating a space inside us, an empty space ready for us to fill it up with something new, something that tantra brings along. It lets us create an inner balance. Instead of continuous fighting and fleeing from it,  we begin to live a conscious life.

In the attentive, secure and warm atmosphere of the workshop we will experience:

  • Exploring our male and female part,
  • Working in nature,
  • Relaxing of the body (also relieving the tension and stress), to open the body to a better contact with yourself and the others,
  • A tantric massage,
  • Awakening of our Chakras, the energy centres of our body, allowing for an unconstrained energy flow through all the chakras,
  • Silent, dynamic and breathing meditations,
  • Spontaneous movement,
  • Mantra singing,
  • Dance and joy.