Open Tantra Workshop ‘Wildness – Jump into Joy’

We invite you to an open tantric workshop about spontaneity, wildness, humour, instinct and intuition. Now, before the winter, and after the summer, to regain energy and contact with your inner self, your true self.

Wildness and spontaneity are allowing you to fully express yourself, it is the ability to establish a relationship and most importantly a dialogue with the people around. It is the ability to find yourself in different situations. You have a greater ability to see what is happening and you are able to establish a dialogue with the environment you live and work in in different social interactions. Contacting the wild energy in you allows you to be in a genuine dialogue with normality. It give you the feeling that you really are in the world, that you are in the world completely, and you freely find yourself in the reality. Wildness is also about allowing yourself to have fun, spontaneity, joy, free dance, full contact with the nature, opening your senses, feeling the w

Open Tantra Workshop
Open Tantra Workshop

orld and allowing natural creativity. You are relaxed and at ease, you emanate joy and vitality, you breath easily.

The world is moving away from the nature and wildness of the body, and therefore we cease to feel, we cease contact with the wisdom of the nature and thus block our own potential.

This workshop will allow you to open up to you intuition, through the wilderness you will experience sensitivity, so as you can reach the awareness of what is the real relationship, a life in dialogue. Find the courage to come into close contact with yourself and other people. To do so you need to establish a relationship with your body, accept it and love it as it is. It will allow you to simply feel, experience what empathy, compassion with other people, with the nature and Mother Earth, which is a part of yourself is. Find a source in you, your own potential to act, see life as it really is, and become the creator of your life and happiness.

In the attentive, safe and warm atmosphere of the workshop you will experience, among others:

• Relaxation of the body (the release of tensions and stress) to open it up to fully feel yourself and the world around you.
• Opening of the senses to fully feel yourself, others, the world around, the nature and wildlife.
• Conscious and deep contact with the nature.
• Meditation, dance, movement, mantras singing and fun!

If you feel that the time has come to make changes in your life, we invite you to this workshop – to work in the sphere of the Heart, Body and Spirit. We invite you to explore yourself again, to the world of exploration, transformation and a miracle of finding.