Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is the meeting of two beings that are in full and complete presence for each other. Such massage is a unique journey towards within,  into your depth, the source, where the realease and liberation can happen. It is the celebration of senses, for each and every cell of your body awakens in the rhythm of spontaneous movement, sounds and silence. The warmth of the massage oil and the masseur’s hands, the sounds of music, the scent of subtle frangrances, open all your senses and takes your mind into other places and a new space.

Massage can begin with a heart salutation, ‘Namaste’ – a Hindu greeting, that is used especially in yoga and tantra practice. The heart salutation can also be a sign of gratitude and honoring at the end of this encounter. The space for tantric massage is a orderly and ritual one:  candles, incense, music, warmth, soft blankets and massage sheets, they all create the atmosphere of comfort and safety.

The rhythm that the masseur/euse gradually creates leads to the relaxation of body and mind, to the state of deep meditation, in which the body is more and more awake and able to take on its full dimension. Our skin and our body are the apparatus of our senses and are fully connected with our nervous system. When the massage is given consciously, with utmost care, attention, spontaneity and when it is accompanied by breath, it causes the tensions to dissapear, reduces stiffness and you forget about all your worries. During massage oxytocin is secreted, the hormon which is responsible for well-being, warmth and relaxation.

The masseur/esue being fully present and attentive companion “listening” to the needs of the body helps you welcome the emotions with courage, express yourself fully, transform and reach the source.

At the same time, being concentrated on a “channel” of so called universal energy, on the values such as good, love, generosity, he/she embodies and manifests those values in his/her touch facilitating your exploration of the dimensions of humanity. Receiving the touch, in the space of the open heart, your mind is dissolved and travels towards the state of meditation. This is the state of consciousness where you can decide and reconcile with yourself, for you need a moment of rest, deep revitalisation, re-connection to your body and spirit.

Despite the general connotation, tantric massage is not an erotic massage. It is a spiritual practice, that allows you to be more consciuos of your body which in turn can prove beneficial to your sexual life. As you gain the consciousness of your body you discover sexual energy, which has its source in the belly. It circulates in the body through the channels and energetic centres – chakras, allowing for an unimpeded flow of life energy, until each and every body cell, from top of the head down to the toes, begins to vibrate.

Tantric massage can be an initiation at a given moment of your life. Throug re-connecting, grounding, relaxation of body, sould and mind, you can go through your life events consciously. That’s why it will be a different meeting for each person. The emotions, sensations, feelings, sensuality, breath, vision, regression, tears, vawes, extasy… Anything is possible.

Tantric massages heal the space of the heart as well as the whole body. Thanks to them you boost space for a free flow of life and sexual energy. In everyday life it translates into vitality, stability, health, realtionships and the power to act. They bring joy, love, wisdom,  foster communication and our intuition.

Tantric massage is healing, allows to unblock the masses of energy, reaching every part of your body.

It allows to liberate your body from blockages that detered you from living fully on many levels, to self realize and fulfill your dreams and goals in both private and professional life, in relationships with the others, opening creativity, the power to act and the capacity of compassion.

Grant yourself time to receive and be taken care of, as eveybody needs that at certain times in life, to be able to find yourself anew, focus again, re-connect with your own depth. It is indispensable because you exist. And as life tends to be hectic and pass by quickly, the wisdom of what your body says and desires allows you to hear yourself and your needs. So when your body speaks come to a stop and listen.

Thanks to the awareness and feeling of your own body as you receive tantric massage you allow yoursef to feel the integration of your inside, the feeling of worth and your own beauty. You allow a new space to open, a space for life that is full of your sensuality, delight and love.

Tantric massage relaxes and unwinds and thanks to it you will be introduced in the world of tantra that is filled with cosciousness, presence and respect – for yourself, your partner, your relationship.

Main benefits coming from tantric massage

  • Allows to release tensions and stress of everyday life
  • Washes away all inner blockages
  • Relaxes, unwinds the body
  • Opens to the flow of energy
  • Awakens your dormant inner power
  • Brings vitality and joy
  • Reinforces sensitivity, the feeling of beauty and self-worth
  • Rejuvenates the body
  • Opens your sensuality and tenderness
  • Allows you to feel pleasure in sexual and intimate life
  • Heals your emotions and sexuality
  • Teaches you how to love yourself
  • Allows you to reconnect with the wrold around
  • Allows you to integrate with yourself
  • Heals your relationship with the others
  • Heals your past experiences
  • Liberates from fears
  • Liberates from your mechanisms and automatisms
  • Opens you to life in love