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The Tree of Life – Shamanic Tantra – Work with the Ancestors

11/07/2022 - 17/07/2022

Nowa Morawa, Sudeten, Poland

The Tree of Life is a Rite of Passage that allows us to reach our original roots.

A Woman, a Man, a Human Being – a Bridge to Multidimensionality

We appeared on earth not to manipulate objects, people, but to meet, experience the dimensions of love, recognizing the male and female elements in ourselves.

To become whole, the human being needs to attach a polarity that is complementary to it. The male element needs a feminine, a feminine element needs a masculine.

Like any rite of passage, the Tree of Life transforms us.

And as with any shamanic rite of passage, its process is unique. The Tree of Life guides us towards becoming more rooted and more aware.

It is about becoming ‘complete’ and therefore able to love, not starting from deficiency but from our wholeness. And only at this level are we able to meet a human being as a human being. And then another dimension opens that connects us with the source and all nature that surrounds us.

This ritual works on two levels: on our personal level – individual and collective.

On our personal level: in our life, on our own path, for better harmony with ourselves and with the people around us. And on a collective level: for all humanity, but also for the Earth, because each of us is part of the Whole. Everyone creates their own Tree of Life in close connection with the Earth, with nature.

The tree of life symbolizes the relationship we all have with living beings on a physical and spiritual level. Roots show us where we come from and branches show us how connected we are. Connected also, to the cosmos and to the whole universe, to our family, even to the one beyond this earth plane. Our tree of life shows that we are not alone.

In order to be able to realize itself in the world, the soul chose the body. It is not the body that has a soul, but the soul that has a body in order to experience the journey on the planet earth. My female body, my male body allows me to recognize the reality in which I live.

To fully become a woman, a man, who I really am, I have to respect and accept my gender, my sexuality and the qualities associated with it. Get to know and appreciate ourselves. The fact that I am a woman, the fact that I am a man is already a great value in itself.

Restoring the dignity of your sexuality, fully accepting this bipolarity is fundamental. Only then can you begin to build a bridge to multidimensionality, that is, discover the spiritual aspect of your physicality.


The soul has a body, life has flavors and colors, I have the power to act in this world, the freedom to create my everyday life. The only thing that stands in the way of my old emotional habits – the misery of your personal drama and your own mental beliefs, the so-called ‘being right – stuff‘. Drama and suffering comes from a lack of self-esteem, a lack of awareness of who I am, and this is what blocks our freedom.


The willingness to change opens the process of transformation that takes place through the body.

The soul is able only through the body to know the reality of the planet earth and the Creative Nature. It experiences it by creating life. By creating everyday life, there where I am, in the relationships in which I am, in the family in which I am, in the work in which I am, I touch the source of my creative nature.

For that to happen, give up on life, let it guide you. Get out of your own way, get out of ‘I, me, mine’. Let a pure creation, without ‘copyrights’, become yours. Feel that you are a co-creator and rediscover the flavours of life.


The tantric workshop “Tree of Life” is also a new look at where we are now in our lives and what we really are. Do we feel fulfilled, does what we do with our lives really suit us? Tantra cannot be covered by the intellect, it can only be lived and experienced. The emotions that arise in us become our strength, our inner strength. Once freed from the armor with which we have enveloped our sensitivity and delicacy, they transport us to a new reality, to the awareness of the body and the awakened heart.

Introducing psychotherapeutic, shamanic and theater exercises and elements at the workshops results in a more comprehensive approach to our development.

Every person who wants it has the opportunity to discover the shaman in themselves, develop their intuition, heal themselves and find the art of living in harmony with nature.

We invite individuals or people in pairs/couples to the workshop.




Mario Wisniewski – Animator, psychotherapist, actor, director, teacher of tantra, and shaman.

A vigilant observer of the reality, beekeeper and traveller, passionate about life.

A happy husband and father, supported by his wife Gaya and a team of therapists, always with a sense of humour.

Our place

Place: Nowa Morawa, the Massif of Snieznik, Lower Silesia, Poland. The home ‘Modra Rzeka’ is a place that will host you with delicious vegetarian home cuisine. The meals are made by locally grown ecological products, coming from the mountains and valleys around– vegetables, fruit, cheese, homemade preserves.


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