Magdalena ‘Shamanic Tantra’, III 2019

I am a tree, a woman, a human. Like every tree on this planet I am connected by roots with all the trees that were here, that are here and that will come in the future. My roots are my ancestors, all people who once lived. My ancestors are all the earthly creatures, nature, plants, animals. My roots is my body, all its functions and possibilities, emotions, feelings, senses. 

I am a woman, as a woman everything that is feminine is close to me, sensitivity, fragility, emotionality, strength, perseverance, intuition, feelings, naivety… as a woman I have everything that is feminine… 

I am like a moss… delicate, sensitive, fragile, I grow everywhere… where there is clean.

Driving force, sacred emotions that perfectly and precisely show the direction… The turbine on the river constantly creates electricity, only thanks to the power of the river, which puts the turbine in motion, creates a new endless energy, that can give power to the whole earth. Energy of action, energy needed to stand vertically.

As a woman I bring energy, a unique energy that no one else but me will bring…

As a woman, I have everything that is masculine… strength, sensitivity, perseverance in changing the world, ideas, logic, direction, mind acuity.

There are no boundaries, I do not know where I end up and where does another human begin. Me as a woman, where does a man start? Where do I end up as a woman? What is masculine and what is feminine? Images and features are permeating, do I have everything in me?

Integration of male and female energy. Feathers and costumes, masks and gestures… All these are toys, a real meeting happens in normality, regularity, honesty… When the feathers fall, we can see each other, I see you and I see you see me… In-ti-macy – in you me, in me you… meeting.

The root is an integral element of every meeting, meeting with the world and with myself, is not every encounter with the world a meeting with myself? Who do I really meet? The root is the master of ceremony, he gets in on his own, he does not ask about the invitation, he just is present.

I am myself, only then I am unique, like every single tree, there are no two the same… We are similar, we both have a pawn, we both have a variety of colours of life and we are both unpredictable. But we have different crowns, the shape of yours is closed, it goes beyond the plan, it fills it up, mine is open, it does not coincide with the plan, it lives its own life.

I see myself and I can talk a lot about myself… but how do you see me? What do others see? I am touched with tears in my eyes when I can see the palette of colours carried by the world, I am stable solid and very feminine, thats how the world see me. A tree for me, that is how the world see me today, I would not invent it myself.

The symbol of femininity wanders into the center of the mandala of my humanity. Every element fits perfectly, geometric shapes, who planned it so well? Connected by the navel-string with a nearby tree. Placenta in front of my eyes… behind me a fawn sits, his eyes are perfect, he has a nose, he is sitting and watching. My mandala’s – placenta’s animal of power – placements. There are crowns of trees above me, like roots immersed in clouds, underground crowns there are below me… I get up, I cuddle up to the tree, I open my eyes after a while, a big eye of the tree next to me is looking at me. The forest sees me, I am part of it… I all the time feed everything that will only be born. I look up at the silver-lit forest, birds’ concert above me, I rise, I bow and thank for this meeting in the temple, I hear the gong, I go on.

In my chest, there are beating the drums, in the rib cage, in the solar plexus, they are tapping each bone from every possible side. The whole earth is playing in the roots below me, I’m feeling its movement. A crown of the linden tree is there in the stars above me. In the tree between its two halves there is standing the holy mother with the other woman behind her, she is much larger, watching, I can hear the quiet ‘I am’.

Every woman is beautiful, unique, amazing and feminine, and every man is masculine, sensitive, gentle. I want the child I once used to be – my root – be proud of who I let her grow into.

Travels with roots. The image of parents is constantly changing, still fascinating discoveries, the evolving meanings. The root grows with the crown. 

The message from the roots: take care of yourself and live in the truth

The direction: I open myself up to the health and joy. 

The change in the roots: they look like a fire, flames, a fire place, multi-coloured, warm, amazing.

The human body is one of the elements, a part of the earth, a component of the planet.

The fact that I can experience someone’s body happens only because I have my own body. Only thanks to the body I can experience other bodies. Maybe the body lives only thanks to other bodies, the life at the junction of the bodies, in the touch. Embodied life.

Life in the body.

Return home – to myself.



‘Shamanic Tantra – a Woman, a Man, a Human Being – a Bridge to Multidimensionality’, March 2019