Aleksandra C.,’Shamanic Tantra’ tantric-shamanic workshop, March 2019

I am a woman.
Lead by respect.
To myself, to others, to Life, to the Earth.
I am guided by the value of myself and the value of life.
I am a woman and my femininity is a gift. I received a gift, and each respected gift becomes a gift for the others.

I have contact with my roots, with my ancestors, with the Earth. They talk to me through their experience, with clarity of vision and love. We look at the world with many eyes. A look from the depths of myself.

I am a woman. I am fragile. I am sexual. I am sensitive and courageous. I live in connection with others and look where I am and what I do. I can stop.

The eternal ritual of growing, the life force, caring.
I am the mother of many lives. Each of my steps leaves a sign on Earth. I grow roots and walk the path. Every day a new one. For a meeting with the unknown.

I am a woman and I keep a channel of transformation when a man builds the temples. With straight spine I accompany the sanctity.


poem-reflection after the workshop ‘Shamanic Tantra – a Woman, a Man, a Human Being; the bridge to multidimensionality’