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Shamanic Tantra in India

15/02/2024 - 26/02/2024

India, Kumta, Karnataka

A tantric workshop combined with a Journey to the Places of Power

Please note that the number of places is limited and the form of these workshops is very advanced. Please, so-called “tourists”, refrain from signing up. This meeting is a very deep form of transformation requiring full commitment from the participants.

Shamanic Tantra workshop in India (Kumta, Karnataka) in a wonderful center literally two steps from the warmest sea on our planet where dolphins swim with us.

In the journey towards self-awareness, an important step is to awaken your inner instinct and intuition. A great journey of transformation in one of the most impressive and mysterious countries in the world! Here in India, the earth has a specific vibration that lifts us, melts our hearts and brings us to the land of joy.
Through a whole range of tantric exercises and shamanic rituals: movement, massage, meditation, dance, working with the sea (Saraswati – Hindu Goddess of water) and nature, connecting with the four elements… we will have the opportunity to enter our potential flowing from consciousness of the body, its energy centres, to awaken the power and sensitivity to conscious action.

Experience the masculine and feminine energy through the body.

The exercises and rituals are designed so that everyone can feel the energy, what it is and what gifts it has for them.

By opening ourselves to life energy and its multi-level nature, our everyday life ceases to be monotonous and becomes colorful; we can discover many secrets that we do not know yet, and the awareness of which will allow us to improve our contact with the world, family and partner.
This powerful and intense adventure combines Tantra and Shamanism classes during the day in breathtaking landscapes, with nights at a beautiful resort under the stars, by a sea filled with magical plankton and the singing of cicadas.

Immersed in the heart of a land with such a unique and rich culture, you will have the opportunity to discover the richness of traditional Indian culture. In the center we have wonderful cuisine that is safe for Europeans, and clean drinking water without restrictions.
The center is connected to an Ayurvedic clinic where we have doctors at our disposal. In case of dental problems, which I wouldn’t wish anyone, there is a very high European standard dental office in a nearby town. I am writing about this to dispel your fears related to such an exotic place as India.


By changing our beliefs, we become creators of our lives.

Aura Ecostay – see where we will be:

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During the workshop, in an attentive, safe and warm atmosphere, we will experience:

• Awakening and seeking the harmony of the five senses and the four elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air – allowing yourself to root and manifest sacred power.
• A shamanic rite of passage and transformation to close some important part of our lives and open to new ones.
• Tantric massage; listening to your body and your partner’s body with the utmost respect through a gentle touch that comes from the heart.

A massage that helps us discover our life force, our sensitivity, our sensuality; touches three planes of being: physical, emotional and spiritual and allows us to rediscover the sense of unity that connects us with the Divine;
• the presence of the male and female elements in each of us;
• unification of the male and female aspects in each of us;
• the power of tantric and shamanic rituals in the hall and in nature (on the beach and in the ocean);
• feeling and directing life energy to the heart;
• various forms of expression (meditation, movement, mantras, dance and fun);
• feasting together in joy filled with laughter.

There will be a lot of fun and closeness. We will be meeting inside, but also outdoors, in nature, in the sea, on the beach with trees. This closeness to Mother Nature allows you to acquire a very new experience, to transform life/sexual energy into the energy of love and closeness.

You can come to the workshop alone or with a partner


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A few reflections after the last workshop in India:



‘Watch out for India! If you want to go to India, be careful – you will not return the same! The very vibration of this magical country, animals, birds, air will meet you as the closest and most anticipated friend who wandered the world for a long time and finally returned home.

Every day there will be miracles and the corners of your mouth will rise and you will not even notice when you will sing and dance with people, with the Indians, with their open soul, with feet firmly on the ground, with their hot hips.

You won’t want to leave! When you meet yourself, having rejected all the regrets, heavy thoughts and hooks on the past, then you will see a unique person created by nature! And at some point the thought will come to you that only here can you feel so calm and so free. When you feel lightness and the joy of being like a bird or a dolphin.

Tantra, India, a shamanic circle on the ocean shore by the light of stars, moon, Venus… People who surround you and give you love and grace. All this stays in you forever. And you will never be the same again. A melody will appear in your head that you will take with you to life – to your unique LIFE to sing it to others:)…’ Rada

‘Tantric holidays in India – a wonderful journey deep into yourself. Unforgettable experiences that deeply cleanse the soul and body. A very charming and energetic place. The wonderful people I met during these workshops helped me look deep into myself. Together with them, I managed to overcome many of my fears and find the joy of life again.’ Kasia

“In India, workshops are like turbocharging. How to reach the unknown at the speed of light. How to cast light on a shadow. How to fraternize with nature. Her merciful support of Bodies, warming up. Energy in them, rippling. Ocean, Water, Femininity. Waves taking, leaving, dolphins calling. Drawing from the wisdom of nature. Volcanic rocks in the power of persistence…Dagmara

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We invite you to discover yourself again, to the world of search, transformation and the miracle of discovery.

The number of places is limited, so I ask so-called tourists to refrain from registering to avoid later misunderstandings.

Information and registration: Aleksandra Jozwiak

+ 48 720 893 888,


Shamanic Tantra in India – a workshop combined with a trip to a place of power

This is a workshop for both tantrikas and people who are just recognizing Tantra in themselves.

Place: Aura Eco Stay, Kumta, Karnataka, INDIA

dates: 15.02.2024 – 26.02.2024
cost: 790 Euro per person/  750 Euro for people in couples / per person + accommodation 30 $ per day + flights/transport, trips, visa
*cost for our Tantra School attenders: 720 Euro
21.02.2024 Trip to the place of power about 25 $ (not included in the price of the workshop)


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Some practical information.

The center is located in the state of Karnataka. We live right next to the beach, in houses immersed in fairy-tale, exotic greenery. The water in the sea is perfectly warm, and at night you can observe the glowing plankton… We eat tasty and hearty meals on the terrace, also by the beach. In fact, the presence of the sea is with us all the time…
It is best to fly to the airport in Goa (Dabolim Airport), from there it is best to take a taxi organized by the resort. Cost about $50-60 (the dollar is still king in India :), travel time about 3.5 hours.
We do not act as intermediaries in the purchase of tickets, we can share conclusions from our own ticket searches and support communication, e.g. to arrive in one taxi. It is worth planning your trip so that you have 1-2 days before the workshop to catch your breath. A visa is required for India, you can obtain it online (so-called visa promise, the visa is issued on its basis at the airport).

Visa information:

If you have any questions, please contact us
Please contact us by e-mail or, better yet, by phone 🙂


Advance payment and participation in the workshop means that the participant has read the Terms and Conditions and undertakes to abide them.



Mario Wisniewski – Animator, psychotherapist, actor, director, teacher of tantra, and shaman.

A vigilant observer of the reality, beekeeper and traveller, passionate about life.

A happy husband and father, supported by his wife Gaya and a team of therapists, always with a sense of humour.

Registration and contact

This workshop has already taken place. We invite you to other workshops – leave a message and we will inform you about the upcoming events.

Contact: Aleksandra Jozwiak, + 48 720 893 888,