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Open Tantra Workshop – India

20170216 - 20170221

Indie, Ankola (Karnataka)

Tantra of the Heart in India (Ankola, Karnataka)


We invite you to the Tantra Workshop held on sunny beaches of India, we invite you to work together on the integration of the male and female energy within us, in close contact with nature.

Indie Wodospad

Tantra Workshop in India

We will experience India together, in the energy of tantra and shamanism, through the power of the elements and nature (ocean, trees, waterfall). We will experience the spirit of a different culture, of Tantra in Indiaanother, spiritual land, so different from ours. India in pure vibration. Here the nature favours us, so that we can experience the profundity of the tantric ecstasy and deep transformation. Through the tantric energy we can grasp the true nature and force of different elements. We will experience contact with nature in complete union of male and female energies in us, and sensuality and pleasure of the warm ocean, light breeze, soft sand and relaxation under palm trees. And we will hear the call of our friends, dolphins.

There are 3 options:

  • Open Tantra Workshop
    It is the workshop for tantrists as well as those who are just beginning to recognize tantra in themselves.

Indie Tantra Serca

  • Advanced Tantra Workshop
    For tantrists and people who participated in the Open Workshop.
  • Tantric Vacation – Open Workshop + Advanced Workshop + trip to a power place (optional), 12 days with tantra!

Indie Tantra Serca

Open your heart to a new, tantric experience of your relationship with nature. The experience possible only here, not available in Europe, on our latitude. We will contemplate the sunrise and sunset andbathe in the warm sea. Through the tantric energy we will get into profound contact with the true nature of the ocean, its immensity, the soul of dolphins. You will be able to experience the purifying power of the waterfall in its primordial force. Allow yourself the realization that each element of nature is a living, self-determined mystery. Feel the profound, authentic respect for Mother Nature, feel the oneness. Here in India the earth has a peculiar vibration, which elates us, melts our hearts and leads us to the land of joy. Dissolving your body, luxuriating in warmth in the midst of winter, in tantric energy, you will find a new space within you.

Through a wide range of tantric practices, movement, meditation, and dance, we will reach our full potential coming from the awareness of the body, its energy centres, to awaken within us the power of sensitivity and the power to act. We will experience the male and female elements through our bodies. The exercises are organized in such a way that everyone can feel the energy, feel what it really is and what gifts it brings. Through the opening to the sexual energy, its many levels, we can rid our everyday life of grey monotony, give it a whole range of colours; we can discover mysteries, things we are unaware of yet, but the awareness of which will allow us to improve our relationship with the world, family, and the partner.

In the attentive, secure and warm atmosphere of the workshop we will experience:

Indie Plaża Tantra Serca

• relaxing of the body (also relieving the tension and stress), to open the body to a better contact with yourself and the others;
• tantric breathing;
• the presence of the male and female elements in each of us;
• the integration of the male and female aspects in each of us;
the power of tantric rituals, also in nature (on the beach and in the ocean);
• experiencing the feeling of our sexual life energy and raising it to the heart;
• different form of expression (meditation, movement, mantras, dance and fun);
feasting together.

There will be a lot of fun and closeness. The practice will be done indoors and outdoors, in the tantranature – in the ocean, on the beach, with the trees. This proximity to Mother Nature allows for a completely new experience. Our goal is the transformation of the sexual energy into the energy of love and intimacy. So that we can delight in the sea, the sun, tantra and feasts under the canopy of palm leaves and in the energy of a true community.

More pictures from the last year’s workshop: HERE

Teachers: Mario & Gaya

Information, applications: Aleksandra Jozwiak + 48 720 893 888,

Ankola Tantra Serca

Place: Ankola, Karnataka, INDIA

Local information: