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Formation X – 2nd meeting

20/11/2016 - 27/11/2016

Nowa Morawa, Sudeten, Poland

The only in Poland School of Tantra with the elements of self development.

Szkoła Tantry Serca

The Formation is an urge towards life, towards discovering new possibilities given to us by the world, which we have been carrying within us throughout the ages. We have an inkling that life is much more than what we do every single day. Our gut feeling is that our body is full of ecstatic potential to live our lives fully in awe and fascination. We also know that within us, there is an answer to many questions, and each of us can reach the deep wisdom. 

We also feel that the source of change is to be found within us and it is with your very self that you must start the journey towards the unknown and unfamiliar potentials of human existence. 

How can you start? Firstly, your craving for the change must be authentic; secondly, you are
to take full responsibility for yourself; thirdly – with all your courage and persistence you have to keep confronting your shadow, which is all your subconscious mechanisms that manipulate you and your life. You must confront the fear, anger, grief and emotions of all sorts that come along, as they are only the threshold and strength that in the process of transformation becomes your genuine power!

 Szkoła Tantry Serca

Level two – Discovering what masculinity and femininity is – we get to our relationships, going through different exercises, we become aware of how we flirt with the world forgetting about ourselves. How much we play a role in the world, how much we are a puppet. It is the time to return to ourselves, getting out of a cage, out of the feeling of being trapped. We build a new inner image of ourselves; we begin to see ourselves as a separate creature. Later on, we are able to use this awareness and enter a new nutritional relationship with others.


During this meeting you will discover and experience:

•    How to integrate the male and female sides inside me.
•  How to identify and tame the shadow in our relationship through noticing and understanding the unconscious games we play.
•   How to heal the wounds connected with our sexuality.
•   How to enter into contact with yourself and consciously express your emotions and needs.

What is the benefit of completing the Formation? Our relationships change their quality. Our self-confidence rises. We become more courageous, we are able to cope with our fears. We open our throats to sing and to communicate clearly.

We get a proper self-esteem. We touch on our feminine and masculine aspects. We create male and female circles in which we share our experience with one another. We bring out a wild woman and a wild man that are hidden inside us. We open ourselves to accept a man or a
woman in our lives. Our contacts with family members, friends, and colleagues improve. We get in touch with the power to act in everyday life. Our health gets better. Joy appears. Our intimate life changes, we experience a totally different quality of sexuality, that has nothing in common with the sex we learnt in the past. We find out what our talents and passions are and we get the strength to move forward with them, to finally spread our wings and live life to the fullest!

The Formation program is interactive. The participant sets an intention that gives a direction to the entire process. So we can improve our relationships, find passion in our professional life, to be able to live every moment. We can also experience the full awakening. It is up to us as we are the creators of our lives

The Formation lasts two years and consists of 5 levels and the Hero’s Journey. Each level is an 8 day-long meeting, and they take place every six months approximately. The Hero’s Journey takes place every summer. The workshop is available for individuals as well as for pairs.

We propose our own programme which combines various methods and directions of self developement into one integral whole. It is the experiencing of tantra on a very subtle level. It is the process of developing self-consciousness, the consciousness of our intimate relationships, relation with ourselves and with the others,  our sexual energy which is nothing else but the energy of love. At our workshops we use different forms of psychotherapy Gestalt, Rebirthing, Owning the Shadow (C.G. Jung), and other techniques that are a novelty in Poland: Postural Integration (Jack Painter), Experimental Gestalt (Paul Rebillot), Working with the Myth (Joseph Campbell). An important aspect of our workshops is shamanism, which allows us to explore different dimensions of reality and discover ourselves fully.

Mario i Gaya
Mario i Gaya

Teachers: Mario & Gaya, the founders of the first Polish School of Tantra. Since 2000 they lead together tantric and shamanic workshops in Poland and many European countries. The years of experience make the participants want to reveal their true nature, and the workshops are filled with a mixture of joy and humour that permeate their teaching filled with wisdom, relaxation and cheerful creativity.

Contact:  Aleksandra Jozwiak + 48 720 893 888,

Cost: 350 euro /person; 325 Euro /person in a couple + accommodation and board – 25 – 30 euro /person/day

Place: Poland, Nowa Morawa, Sudeten, Lower Silesia

Attention: There is a special Early Bird discount of 25 Euro on registartion by 25.02.17

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