Shamanic workshops

The workshops that we offer are the path of spiritual development, the journey into the inner world of your existence, the way to learn about yourself and the world of the body and the spirit. By venturing on this path you start walking towards your truth.

You go beyond your limitations and roam the world in which you discover… integrate… breathe… feel… and live.

It is rarely that we allow ourselves to enter into an altered state of consciousness in the everyday life. During our shamanic workshops we create a secure space for you to plunge into the depths of your being. Through the meditations, drums and trance you enter an altered state of consciousness to encounter your power, visions, the answer to the questions.

Our method incorporates the concepts of Paul Rebillot – our teacher – the creator of experiential Gestalt, owning the shadow by Carl Gustav Jung, and the power of myth by Joseph Campbell, as well as our own shamanic experience that we have gathered during our journeys.
In the course of these workshops you consciously encounter your own destiny, you gain the insight that will shed a somewhat different light on the events and the course of your life. The direction of your future will take on a different hue. A look at your past with a hindsight can reveal to you a completely different aspect of your story. You may become more aware of what’s coming up in your life and gain a fuller understanding of your destiny.

Here your life can begin anew as you come into a different state, experiencing ‘death.’ This inner process opens you up to the consciousness of life and passing time. It is here that you find out what you truly love, what is most important to you, you find yourself in the relationship with the others. You will recover your long forgotten dreams, as well as new strength and courage to make them come true. Your life can gain new speed, new quality and colour.

By opening the door to a conscious encounter with the inner hero and the demon of resistance, you are able to change your existence. Confronting your own truth, your shadow, and your weakness you grow in strength, your power is more visible and your everyday life becomes deeper and more comprehensible.

The shamanic workshops that we offer are a profound process of inner transformation. During the journey, you contact your own self, your inner realm to see it, live it, integrate and transform. All you have to do is to say ‘Yes’ with your heart and have the courage to meet every aspect of yourself.

We invite everyone who has the will and the courage to bring a change to their life and venture on a shamanic quest.