Tantra for Couples

Mario i Gaya
Mario i Gaya

“The Union of man and woman is like the marriage of Heaven and Earth.  Heaven and Earth last forever because they are married. Human have lost those secrets and have therefore become mortal. By knowing the secret, the Path to immortality is opened.”  Sang-Ku-san-Tai


During the workshop we concentrate on everything that is directly connected with our partnerships, relationships and our sexuality. Through various activities, each person it their own pace can gradually deepen their self-knowledge. We look for the reasons and find the answers, so that the participants could move a step ahead in their lives in the matters of relationship, partnership and sexuality.

Szkoła Tantry Serca

What can I do to make my relationship spontaneous and vivacious?
Why is it so difficult to live a harmonious partnership?
How to overcome the feeling of separation and create the feeling of oneness with yourself, your partner and the world?
Why have I chosen this particular person as a partner?
How to manage the frustration and stress in the relationship/marriage?
What to do to feel fulfilled in the partnership, sexually fulfilled?
In the course of the workshop, together with our partners, we will search and discover what feminity and masculinity are. We will work on the sensitivity, delicacy and the strength in man and woman. We will get in contact with our intimacy, our light and shadow, our boundaries and limitations, love, joy and spontaneity.

How important is the integration of the masculine and feminine aspects in oneself, the union of Man and Woman?
The united energy of Man and Women is enormously powerful!
In such a relationship, the multidimensional, fulfilled and successful sexuality, expressed love and intimacy constitute the base and root, empowering creation and abundance, allowing us to reap the bumper crop of life together.
The Tantra we offer is the path to your own self, it is the way of finding your balance, your place in a relationship. It is a complete understanding and acceptance  of your inner nature. Discovering the intimacy, closeness with a partner while respecting the individuality of each person. Consciousness and freedom of choice in our own life, acceptance and respect for the other person.

Tantra Serca
Tantra Serca

To truly understand the tantra of love you need to be aware of yourself, to wake up from a dream. Tantra also encompasses the aspects of shamanism and mysticism. The tantric energy is a great mystery. When it wakes up and fills our whole body it brings about the integration with our own self and with a partner.  It leads to the deep transformation on the level of psyche, body and spirit.
We sometimes engage into lots of exercises meant to concentrate the energy, rise the energy level, various ways of practicing power. It is very often the case, that somewhere on the way we lose the true picture of reality, ourselves and our sexuality. Of what the sexuality really is and what purpose it really serves.

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