The Dancing with the Gods & the Goddesses

The ‘Dancing with the Gods & the Goddesses’ workshop is an invitation to discover and get to know your personal myth. Every person has their own myth that guides them through life.

‘Dancing with the Gods & the Goddesses’ is a proposal of a conscious encounter with one’s own destiny. By getting to know your myth and working on it during these few days of these workshop, you will see the events and course of your life so far in a slightly different light. The direction of your future will take on different colours. And revisiting the past can show you a completely different aspect of your history. You can be more aware of upcoming events in your life and have a greater understanding of your destiny. (To avoid misunderstanding, it has nothing to do with any religion.)

The workshop allows you to consciously meet your own destiny. It is a call to adventure, to shamanic quest, to meeting yourself and your life’s purpose.

The workshop, as well as the direction of the internal work that the participant performs in search of their own myth, is based on the message contained in Joseph Campbell’s book entitled “THE POWER OF MYTH”.

Myths, legends and fairy tales are the treasury of our culture, created and left to us by our ancestors, regardless of the era and country in which they lived. In an invisible way, we are connected to the entire history of humanity, which is why every myth can speak to you and can change a lot in your consciousness and life.

Myths are the world’s dreams. They are archetypal dreams and deal with great human problems. Myths and dreams come from the same place. They come from realizations of some kind that then have to find expression in symbolic form.
I am aware of when and at what moment I stand before one of these thresholds.
The myth tells me about it and tells me how to react to this or that crisis, disappointments, delights, failures and successes. Myths tell me where I am at any given moment.”
Joseph Campbell, “The Power of Myth”

“The myth calls for the adoption of a double optics, a double point of view.
We have to play a historical role, but it is only our historical role.
In life, we put on the masks of a certain race, era, group with one ethical goal or another and fight for those values, but we also know that who we are is only half of the whole, and the other half is represented by someone on the opposite side.
Joseph Campbell, “A Question of the Gods”


Please bring to the workshop a myth or a story you want to work with.

Teacher: Mario, supported by his wife Gaya and a team of animators.

Advance payment and participation in the workshop means that the participant has read the Terms and Conditions and undertakes to abide them.