Rules and Regulations

Aiming at mutual respect as well as ethical and smooth seminar course, the event organizers have put together the following list of rules and regulations for the seminar participants.

General issues:

•  By making an advanced payment the participants confirm their enrollment for a seminar and accept rules and regulations listed herein.
•    The participants are required to be over 18 years of age.
•    Drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs is strictly prohibited during seminars. Participants not abiding to this rule will be asked to leave the seminar immediately.
•    The practices held during seminars are aimed at giving a PROFOUND LOOK WITHIN oneself and one’s history so that life’s energy gets activated. There may appear memories, projections, expectations and desires, also those coming out from sub-consciousness, especially during interactions with other participants. It is essential that the participant is all the time aware of his/her projections (onto the teachers, their assistants, or fellow seminar participants) and remains fully responsible for these projections.
•    During seminars it is not advisable to use computers/internet and telephones, except for real emergencies.
•    There are no sexual relations during the seminar.
•    Seminars are deep personal developement work and not a way to engage into sexual or love relations.

Financial issues:

•   Booking a place at a seminar is done by way of e-mail and/or telephone, which is followed by making an advanced payment.
•  Payment of the remaining amount due for the seminar as well as for the accommodation should be made no later than on Day 1 of the seminar.
•  If the participant resigns from participation in the seminar no later than 14 days prior to the event, the advanced payment is returned in full amount.
•   If the participant resigns from participation in the seminar 14 days or less prior to the event, the advanced payment shall not be returned. However the booked place, including the advanced payment, can be given away to a new participant appointed by the resigning one.
•    Resignation from participation in the seminar can be done via e-mail or telephone.
•    If the seminar is cancelled, the participant is entitled to get the advanced payment back in full amount.

Health issues:

•   The seminar participants are solely and fully responsible for their physical and emotional health. The event organizer shall not be held responsible for any possible accidents or health damages borne by the course participants. We suggest that the participants have up-to-date medical certifications as well as relevant insurance against health damages.
•    By making an advanced payment the seminar participant declares he/she is in sound psychic and physical state and there are no health obstacles whatsoever hindering them from participation in the workshop.
•   The participant declares that he/she does not take antidepressants or any other psychotropic drugs on regular basis.
•    The participant is required to inform the event organizer about any psychiatric or other treatment that he/she was or has been undergoing.
Security issues:

If the participant decides to leave the workshop before it is finished, they are obliged to inform the organizer about it prior to leaving.
The participant shall restrain from violent behaviour.
The participants shall respect themselves and fellow course participants.
Hereby the participant declares not to hold the event organizer and teachers responsible for any possible damage to the participant or his/her belongings during the seminar.
The participant shall not smoke, burn incense or candles inside the rooms.
The participant is fully responsible for his/her bahaviour and deeds during the seminar.
The organizer has the right to ask the participant to leave if his/her behaviour is dangerous to the other seminar participants or to the seminar processes.

Secrecy issues:

All information regarding the seminar participants data are considered secret. The participant agrees not to reveal this information to any third parties during or after the seminar. The organizer, the teachers and their assistants also adhere to this agreement.
Pictures taken during the seminars are published at  only with the prior consent of the photographed people.
The participant shall not take pictures of other seminar participants and/or publish such pictures without their prior explicit consent.
By making an advanced payment and participation in the seminar the participant confirms that he/she has read and agrees to the Rules and Regulations listed above.