What is psychotherapy and who is a psychotherapist?

…Psychotherapy is the learning of a new way of thinking, of another way of seeing people, the world and yourself. It is the discovering of  the reasons behind your behavior and the work towards changing those patterns of behaviour that make your life difficult.

The effect of psychotherapy could be the reinforcing of your strengths, recognizing the weaknesses and living a more effective life.
It also helps to improve your relationships with others, to accept yourself as well as other people.

…A psychotherapist supports you in this process. His role is to help you find the possibilities, resources and solutions to the problems bothering you as well as naming the emotions and issues that you have problems defining by yourself. Psychotherapy can facilitate progress and bring change, which in turn will allow you to enjoy life and reconcile to the inevitable.

You should consider psychotherapy when:

*you experience emotional problems,
* you find your relationships with people difficult,
* you experience problems in relationships with your family, your partner,
* you experience anxiety, depression and you want to lift your spirits,
* you find it hard to understand yourself and your behaviour,
* you feel lonely and misunderstood,
* you can’t handle your stress or anger,
* you lack direction in life, you doubt whether it has any meaning whatsoever,
* you want to develop yourself and search support,
* your relationship is in crisis which you cannot handle,
* you want to form a more complete relationship,
* you are grief-stricken after a loss of a close person,
* you have sexual problems, problems with reaching an orgasm, frigidity, erection disorders,
* you want to learn more about yourself,
* you want to be more effective in your professional life / be more creative,
* you want to lead a better life / have a healthier diet.