Internal Transformation

Why do we come to the personal development workshops?

She: I went to a personal development workshop because I wanted something changed, but I did not know what. I had a great husband, a wonderful kid, a satisfying job, but something was still not right in my life.

She: I came for sexuality. I wanted to open myself to sexuality. I wanted to change something in my life, I was approaching the age of 40 and I was still alone. I wanted to meet a man and have a family.

He: Because I wanted fulfillment on the financial field. I wanted to feel my power, the power of creation, make money, and start my own business.

She: Because my son is a teenager, I bring him up alone and I do not cope.

He: Because I feel that life is short, I am afraid of death, and I haven’t done anything in my life, haven’t created, haven’t experienced anything.wewnetrzna-p1

He: Because I have this inside voice that never quietens. So, I guess not everything in my life is ok.

He: Because I want to enjoy my life. I met tantriks abroad and saw that they enjoy life so much, and I want to do that too.

She: I came to a tantra workshop, because I was looking for something that combines sexuality and spirituality.

He: Because I am very rich, I have a high position in a large corporation, I have a beautiful house, a beautiful wife and wonderful kids, holidays abroad… and something is still wrong.

She: Because a shaman told me to work with my sexuality. I came to a workshop and I got a husband. I saw that life is not so easy. Then my real development started. My illusion about life and myself disappeared. Now I live an authentic life, regardless of so-called challenges. When I die, I can say that I have lived my life, my own, the real one. I have not been replaying someone else’s life, I have not copied anything, I’ve lived my life. Whenever I die, my life is precious.

There are several reasons why people come to our personal and spiritual development workshops. They work on themselves, change very often, and achieve what they came for. Those who continue, get a lot more. They discover their issue in life, their goal, they find the meaning of life. They know why they are on this planet. They begin to follow their path, they begin to live their lives. They learn to share themselves, their talents and passions with the world and enjoy it. They do something good not only for themselves and their beloved ones, but for a wider range of people, for the whole planet.

People find a guide, a master and a guru in themselves, which means that they take the responsibility for themselves and the world around them. They develop the inner feeling of happiness, regardless of the external circumstances I feel fulfilled here and now, in any situation’.