About Us

Tantra of the Heart is a conscious life with full understanding, that reality is a continuous journey and unceasing change, where we recognize love in different aspects of our life. It is humanity alive. Inner journey, during which we may experience ourselves. Alchemic transformation manifested in our everyday, mundane life. The meetings and journeys of Tantra of the Heart have a very strong shamanic aspect and are the way of self-development.

By the way, tantra has existed in various forms in many cultures for thousands of years. Little particle of it exists in all of us. Rarely however is it our conscious and awake element. And it is not really only about techniques of managing your sexual energy, it is more about the openness of the heart, the contact with your own body, emotions, and the soul. We open up to our inner intuition, we awaken our instinctive wildness, through which we can gain consciousness of what a true relationship really is. We find the courage to enter into real intimacy and closeness. All this leads us to a state where we start to live in the deep relationship with the world, nature and another person. We become our own master.

The Tantra Way leads to an inevitable opening up to love. Following this direction our life experiences can be seen as the Theatre of Awakening.

We run different workshops, meetings, and the school, where everybody can eperience themselves taking full responsibilty for their lives. We use different method and techniques that allow us to yet better feel and know ourselves, our body and feelings and emotions that we experience. We also use the elements of psychotherapy (Gestalt, Re-birthing, integration of body, regenerative movement,  Gestalt experimental,  work with myths, tales and stories), various ways of relaxation (dance, massage, spontaneous movement) and meditation (meditation, dynamic meditation,  trance). Through all this we create a magical place to meet ourselves and other people; a safe space, where everyone can find something for themselves. Thus we may “just” significantly improve the quality of our life, relationships, work, or we may also experience full awakenig, the choice is ours. We are the creators of of our own life!

If you feel that it’s time to make changes in your life, we invite you to our meetings – to work in the sphere of the Heart, Body and Spirit. We invite you to discover yourself anew, to the world of exploration, transformation and to the miracle of discovering.

Tantra of the Heart