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2-year School of Tantra of the Heart, Edition XVI, 2nd meeting

19/10/2024 - 26/10/2024

Nowa Morawa, Masyw Snieżnika

The Formation is an urge towards life, towards discovering new possibilities given to us by the world, which we have been carrying within us throughout the ages. We have an inkling that life is much more than what we do every single day. Our gut feeling is that our body is full of ecstatic potential to live our lives fully in awe and fascination. We also know that within us, there is an answer to many questions, and each of us can reach the deep wisdom. We also feel that the source of change is to be found within us and it is with your very self that you must start the journey towards the unknown and unfamiliar potentials of human existence. 

How can you start? Firstly, your craving for the change must be authentic; secondly, you are to take full responsibility for yourself; thirdly – with all your courage and persistence you have to keep confronting your shadow, which is all your subconscious mechanisms that manipulate you and your life. You must confront the fear, anger, grief and emotions of all sorts that come along, as they are only the threshold and strength that in the process of transformation becomes your genuine power! 

This power allows us to integrate the different aspects of ourselves. We can then touch love, joy, and happiness. We begin to live truly and self-realize. 

The emotions need to feel completely to be able to free ourselves from being ruled by them, and to use them for our favor. So that the person becomes more able to feel, is more sentient  instead of being controlled by feelings. Emotions are our potential. When they are felt through and conscious they are our wisdom and strength. When they are locked and unconscious they sabotage us. Emotions that we feel now are a reaction of the body mainly to the memories of experiences from early childhood (in a subconscious form) and maturation time. Even though these experiences are not present any longer, our body’s reaction is still based on the memories and experiences stored in our cells and in our energy sector. And based on these unhealed emotions we build our views, beliefs and opinions. On top of that we have the views and beliefs that we acquired from others. Although they are not ours, we identify with them so strongly that they influence our actions and decisions. They have a great subconscious impact on how we define ourselves, our relationships, and the world we create around us.

One of the fundamental issues we face in life, are beliefs about our partnerships, what is masculinity, what is feminity, what is the role of a man and what is a role of a woman in life, and therefore, what is the role of sexuality. This is all an important part of tantra. Tantra opens and expands our awareness. It allows to build a relationship with yourself, and is a basis to build relationships with others, with the community, with the world… And also with the whole Universe.

 Today we have a unique opportunity to contact the life-giving sexual energy, which is nothing more than bio-energy, the energy of life, the energy of love! This energy, when healed – from violence, from the blockages, from the old beliefs – becomes the source of all creation and our creativity! It heals our body, raises our vibration and opens us up to the universe and to the divine quality of life. Formation allows us to open ourselves to this energy – without fear, but with trust in the truth of one’s own body. We work on body blockages through different exercises, breathing, various forms of meditation, dance, and theater.

The Formation consists of 5 levels and The Hero’s Journey, which form a base for further development.

 Level two – Discovering what masculinity and femininityis – we get to our relationships, going through different exercises, we become aware of how we flirt with the world forgetting about ourselves. How much we play a role in the world, how much we are a puppet. It is the time to return to ourselves, getting out of a cage, out of the feeling of being trapped. We build a new inner image of ourselves; we begin to see ourselves as a separate creature. Later on, we are able to use this awareness and enter a new nutritional relationship with others.

An integral part of the formation is a workshop the Hero’s Journey, which is a love meeting between the light and the shadow – inside of ourselves, not in our friends or colleagues. These are our two forces – one is full of ideals and wants to move forward, and the other one keeps telling us we are not going to succeed anyhow. It is our internal confrontation which allows us to reach another level of experience – not only mentally, but also a real bodily experience that pertains to our very bodies. And it is the body that constitutes the barometer of our true intentions. The entire power comes from the integration of who we think we are and who we actually are.

These 5 levels are the base, our new birth into a conscious life. The work is profound in a constant group and everybody can experience a total and real change. This is where real tantric journey just begins. The graduates meet at advanced levels 6, 7, 8, where we go beyond all the limitations of the body, ideas, and structures, and we open up towards total unity on all levels of existence. We become one with the universe in a multi-vibration state, which is also called multi-ecstasy. We discover within us this cosmic element that brings the Source of Existence into our life.

In order to experience the multiple dimensions of transformation and the full heart opening, the Formation participants also take part in other workshops focused on particular themes. Those are shamanic workshops: Death and Resurrection, Dancing with Gods, Dream your Life. Many people attend also the open tantra workshops that we hold, like The Inner Child, The Seed of the Earth, and The Path towards the Depth of the Relationship. 

This journey however never ends. Every day, in each situation, and in our relationships, we face the challenges and have to make choices over and over again to remain on the path of development, the path towards the heart opening, acting for the world, sharing what we have received, making use of our full potential for the benefit of the world.



What is the benefit of completing the Formation? Our relationships change their quality. Our self-confidence rises. We become more courageous, we are able to cope with our fears. We open our throats to sing and to communicate clearly.
We get a proper self-esteem. We touch on our feminine and masculine aspects. We create male and female circles in which we share our experience with one another. We bring out a wild woman and a wild man that are hidden inside us. We open ourselves to accept a man or a woman in our lives. Our contacts with family members, friends, and colleagues improve. We get in touch with the power to act in everyday life. Our health gets better. Joy appears. Our intimate life changes, we experience a totally different quality of sexuality, that has nothing in common with the sex we learnt in the past. We find out what our talents and passions are and we get the strength to move forward with them, to finally spread our wings and live life to the fullest!

The Formation program is interactive. The participant sets an intention that gives a direction to the entire process. So we can improve our relationships, find passion in our professional life, to be able to live every moment. We can also experience the full awakening. It is up to us as we are the creators of our lives

The Formation lasts two years and consists of 5 levels and the Hero’s Journey. Each level is an 8 day-long meeting, and they take place every six months approximately. The Hero’s Journey takes place every summer. The workshop is available for individuals as well as for pairs.

You can still join the school if you took part in a workshop led by Mario.


Mario Wisniewski – Animator, psychotherapist, actor, director, teacher of tantra, and shamanic practitioner.

A vigilant observer of the reality, beekeeper and traveller, passionate about life.

A happy husband and father, supported by his wife Gaya and a team of therapists, always with a sense of humour.

Practical information

Date: We begin with lunch at 1 p.m. on 19/10/2024 and end with lunch at 2 p. m. on 26/10/2024

Price: 700 EUR per person / 675 EUR per person in a couple + accommodation 45 EUR per person per night (board and accommodation)

Advance payment and participation in the workshop means that the participant has read the Terms and Conditions and undertakes to abide them.

It is possible to organize care for children in a separate space during workshop hours – for an additional fee.

Our place

Place: Nowa Morawa, the Massif of Snieznik, Lower Silesia, Poland. The home ‘Modra Rzeka’ is a place that will host you with delicious vegetarian home cuisine. The meals are made by locally grown ecological products, coming from the mountains and valleys around– vegetables, fruit, cheese, homemade preserves.



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