Relationships Workshops for Business

Why company owners invite us to run relationships workshops for them?

Somewhere in the rush of everyday work and duties, in the pressure for the business to develop and income to grow, companies loose their people, loose the relationship, the heart and the meaning – and their business suffers. People don’t see one another any more, they do not have real conversations, they do not enjoy neither work nor life, let alone being together. The only things that matter are numbers, results, business goals, achievement. And it may work… for some time. Maybe. However with time, if the relationships among the people in the company are not good, people work less effectively and the business begins to go down.

We run workshop for companies so that people learn to talk with one another again. So that they feel safe, trust one another and can speak and act openly. So that the business is not a constant struggle between what is more important: my, your or company’s welfare. In order for the people to come to work because they want to, not because they have to. And for them to like and respect one another as people, individuals. This enables the company owners to feel again the passion and enthusiasm that they felt at the beginning of their business. So that people could again reach another level of cooperation and bring some heart into the business, which is always to the benefit both for them and the business goals.