Aleksandra, ‘Shamanic Tantra’ tantric-shamanic workshop”, March 2019

This workshop is an invaluable experience. The experience of being a woman, of being who I really am down to the bones. Of being in connection with the earth that I walk on and the nature that surrounds me, that is with my roots. The value of my being, the beauty of my existence in deep respect for all other beings. We are all equal, invaluable and beautiful in our diversity. And the values that lead me in life are friendship, responsibility and gratitude.

I am grateful for all the generations before me, that had yielded themselves to the invincible wave of life so that I could come into being. I am responsible for all the generations to come. I am responsible for nourishing life. I feel gratitude for every meeting, every experience on the way, because out of them the wisdom is grown. I am grateful for each of my qualities, for it is thanks to them that I can act in life. I am lead by the value of responsibility, because my each smallest movement has a huge impact on the people that surround me and the whole earth. I act with attention and wisdom truly expressing my inner self. I am responsible for the seed that I am, so that it gives a fruitful harvest, I am responsible for the seed I sow, so that it will grow into a nourishing grain. I have the strength and power that comes from a source much bigger than myself, and at the same time it expresses itself through me. An it is the greatest responsibility of all: caring for and sharing your own talents.

Only being in touch with my masculine aspect can I fully experience what feminity really is. Only being in touch with my feminity can I experience what masculinity is. The relationship can flow when I go beyond my concepts and my idea of what it should look like; when I allow myself to see a person from the depth of my heart and soul. I feel at ease in my body, my earthly body of a woman. The woman that doesn’t need to be anybody else but fully herself. I am able to find heart and direction in each situation. I create each moment of my life at ease.

I am a woman that is delicate and sensitive and strong and unwavering at the same time. I am strong with the force that is more that just me – the force of the connection with my ancestors and nature. With all the generations that were before me and maintained the values and out of them the greatest and unquestioned value of life. I am lead by the miracle of existence, which is not to be taken for granted, for it is a gift received from those before me.

This workshop is a signpost on the path of life, so that my each movement is conscious, creative and nourishing, so that my life simply has a meaning 🙂