Heart filter and life projects or what to do to always succeed :)

Between the worlds or in many worlds at the same time

Lately I am thinking a lot about the literal and non-literal dimensions of our world. Actually, I’ve probably stopped to see spaces that can only be taken literally. It is very interesting, such coexistence of palpable worlds.

Consequently, a subject popped up for me while listening to a song. So the thoughts I describe below have come to me. That is also a thing I am thinking about, observing and experimenting lately.

It is simply about having a ‘custody of the project’. So, how is it that sometimes something goes well, and sometimes not at all. Sometimes we enjoy something and completely not another time…

I wish it really

Therefore, if someone has the aforementioned custody over doing something, the thing (the project)  is often done by itself. Even if you had to do the whole thing yourself, it will bring you a great joy. Usually it will bring joy to more people, to the performer’s surprise. And if no one feels the heart of ‘a given job’, then nothing will happen…;) 

Of course, by saying ‘having a custody of the project I do not mean anybody standing with a stick and making others do the job because it has to be done… but I mean embracing the project with the heart. In other words, having the deep feeling that I cover the project with my wings and that I will not rest until the last brick is on its place 🙂 Often then those who are involved in the project will also be happy! They will not even notice that they have done something. They will also have a deep feeling that they gave the impulse to this action themselves. Not to mention the fact that they will be proud of themselves… a fantastic feeling of joy, enthusiasm and sense of life will be present in their bodies too. 

The best builders will not help when the leader lacks the heart. And again the big heart in the tone-giving person will make the part-takers become masters!

Very interesting… I sincerely recommend you to experiment it in everyday life, from the smallest actions like making coffee to the great life projects like building a house. 🙂

To sum up – taking care of the project plus engaging myself and others to something that I feel with the whole me, is simply healthy and brings friends easily! 🙂 I recommend it!!!


And this is my inspiration translated into English (though maybe the inspiration came from my friend who posted another song, I looked the band up, listened to this song and danced… Then I looked up what it means… Well, after all I had a great day, besides the next day of my exciting life;)

Unless the Lord builds the house,
Im HaShem Lo Yivneh Bayit

The builders labor in vain.
Shav Amlu Bonav Bo

Unless the Lord watches over the city,
Im HaShem Lo Yishmor Ir

the guards stand watch in vain.
Shav Shakad Shomer

Indeed, he who watches over Israel
Hinei Hinei Lo Yanum

will neither slumber nor sleep.
Lo Yanum v’Lo Yishan
Lo Yanum v’Lo Yishan

Guardian of Israel
Shomer Yisrael