Embrace your own Soul with Love

Embrace your own soul with love,
Hug it and hear it,
Find all the treasures,
prepared for us by life.
Take a backpack of events,
And share, love and act,
Change the planet for a better one,


Full of love and meetings
Opening us and everyone around us
For life, for the world, for love.
See your wife, your husband,
Support a colleague at work,
When you see that he goes off the path…
Look into the eyes og humans around,
And take careful steps,
Fall and stand up again,
Trust God and feel the care of your ancestors and angels
Raise your head
Because the next step awaits.
And in the morning, the sun will rise again.

10th edition of the School of Tantra of the Heart, 2-year Formation of Psychodynamics of Relation and Body Communication, meeting 5, March 2018, Poland, Nowa Morawa