In harmony with your soul

I talked to my friend today about enthusiasm and ‘knowing’ various things that we deal with in our lives. How it is when we do something, especially when we do begin something new. How it is that the enthusiasm of a person is simply perceptible and the tension or the lack of enthusiasm too…

and that the statement ‘I do not know’ does not make sense if we talk about choosing steps on our way of life. I always either know that YES – that’s it, or I know that NO – that’s not that. if ‘I do not know’ appears, it simply means lack of YES…

What comes first? Loud, thunderous YES noticeable in the whole body and then some doubts eventually or doubts come as the first thing… If you doubt first it will come to the surface sooner or later as leaven that was at the root of action.

And if YES is first then even the doubts and obstacles will not terrify us.

Exactly like with love, you either love someone or you don’t, it is impossible not to know;) And thunderous YES from the body at the beginning and repetition of it every day changes the ‘difficulties’ into the adventure of life!

So YES! Let us live!!!

Magdalena Kaminska