The Hero’s Journey – what is it?

There are many events on the path of a human life, we deal with them in one or another way, often repeating the same patterns, without any awareness that we do so… One day we encounter a deadlock in life… or one day we ask ourselves more and more often questions we cannot find clear answers to, and what’s next?… Just then the call to the Hero’s Journey appears… the call to travel deep inside yourself 🙂

An adventure with your own self every mythical Hero sets off.

When we hear the call, we become the part of our own myth at this moment, we experience everything as a Hero, at the same time we confront the various unconscious forces that lie dormant in us and block our lives and which are the potential to fulfil our deepest dreams.

The Wonderland awaits each Hero… because the Hero believes that it exists and wants to reach it, but the other part is called the demon of resistance, for example in the form of a dangerous, multi-headed, fire-breathing Dragon, and it has an arsenal of “disabilities”.

Of course there are HELPERS, the Hero also builds and sanctifies his Power Instrument, which is also a part of his Self. And so he sets off on a journey to confront the DEMON of his own RESISTANCE, to help the world… to become precious to himself… to change a piece of himself… to see everything that happens in a new different way to give life a new quality.

The Hero’s Journey Workshop is a great tool, once integrated, it opens its secrets. It is a favourite workshop often repeated by the participants, because the Hero has many challenges and likes to be well prepared for everyone. Welcome to the adventure. <3



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