Following the direction of Good

Driving a car I heard a discussion about the conscience on the radio.

What exactly is the conscience? The conscience is an inner voice that can distinguish good from evil and redirect you towards the good. When we are born, it is in a way asleep and our caretakers have the task to wake it up, sensitize and spiritualize it in us. The pure essence.

Why do I mention this?

I went to my home place to visit, among others, my dad, who is in the hospital (has a kidney problem). Sitting together, we talked about our ancestors and what we were doing in life, how we behaved, what we thought and what seemed to be true for us. And also about what and how much we give from ourselves to the others.

Then a nurse entered carrying the drip.

She said: Get the most out of life and give it to others. I’m happy because my daughter is like that.

I thanked her, told her briefly about the conscience and upbringing. She smiled, nodded and left.

My dad said: That was the lady who does not scream.

First of all, I got an answer right away. I met a parent (mother) who brought up her daughter in this spirit. Beautiful and really touching. Secondly, I have felt how being good and kind yourself influences others. And mostly our children. And yet very important one, how much effort we must put into doing good deeds, and most important, listening to the inner voice.

As they say: ‘learning does not go to the forest, it just fills us up.’

Dariusz Fornalczyk