Agnieszka, ‘Dancing with the Gods and Goddesses’, 2024

It was a strong clash of Goddesses and Gods in a cosmic dance, landing on another planet with interesting beings like me, with curiosity about what will happen between us and within us? I felt my and their open hearts. We were becoming God’s Unity.

The Dance of the Goddesses and Gods was a part of each of us individually, but at the same time in total connection with the other divine parts within us.

Joining a family full of love allowed me to safely feel all my emotions that I had repressed and did not notice within myself, which led to fear. I felt a lot of fear of rejection, and at the same time, realizing this, I accepted myself as I am. It could only happen here in this beloved sacred family space of Nowa Morawa.

I felt so strongly, from the depths of my viscera, my wildness and feminine bravery that I have inside me, which I was afraid of, but it showed me so strongly that it gives momentum to my life and the willingness to act for my mission for the world.

I discovered the powerful power of my sexual shadow, which feeds and fills me with all its power from the volcanoes of Mother Earth. I became one with the rock. I became an emanation of the energy of a ruby ​​crystal, which was enlivened by a drop of water, reviving and moving the healed blood circulating in my body, filling me with pleasant warmth and power.

For me, the holy ritual was a Prayer and an entry into the mysticism of God’s Love:

All the abused and raped women were united in me, and I prayed to the earth, to Mother Earth, with respect and love, forgiving the perpetrators and asking for their forgiveness.

I combined the Love of God the Father Sun and the Goddess Mother Earth in a loving act of union.

I cleansed my body and soul in the act of the Sacrament of Holy Baptism in holy water in the Presence of the Holy Spirit: “Rebirth-Renewal-Rejuvenation”

With love, I combined the female and male energy in balance and harmony, following the example of the unity of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, extending it to the world as the Priestess of Love.

In a prayer of gratitude, I united my heart with the sacredness of the Sanctuary of the Holy Tree before the Face of Mary and Jesus.

For the first time I connected with the heart and soul of  my drum, which beats in unity with me and the heart of Mother Earth.

I am complete as a divine being and I submit to God’s guidance.

My soul in my heart continues to dance with the Gods and Goddesses in the endless, loving Presence of God.

I am the Priestess of Love in inner union with Christ and I want to share this bread of Christ with the world.

This was my most powerful encounter at the Nowa Morawa Temple.

(this is already happening here after each subsequent meeting, which becomes intensified by a logarithm-quantum leap of consciousness)

My dears, I wholeheartedly recommend this magical workshop to you to feel the depth of your being.

Full of gratitude and emotion: thank you, thank you, thank you🙏🙏🙏

To you Gaya and Mario and the entire Nowa Morawa Family for sharing yourselves so generously and leading us to the true source of God’s Love.