Magdalena Nel, ‘Dancing with the Gods and Goddesses’, 2024

A few days have passed since I returned home after my journey with myths… and in my body and heart I still feel the sound of the fairy tales in which I immersed myself deeply.

Mythical figures became close to me, I saw a part of myself in so many of them… they brought information, like mirrors reflected my fears, desires and these unconscious aspects…

This journey reminded me of the magic of life, the real one that we create every day through our faith…, love  and a heart that wants to share joy… I still feel these delicate tremors in my body… as if every particle in me was tuning in to this new vibration…

I am so grateful for every meeting with you, my dears, for your courage, beauty, depth, wonderful group of beautiful Goddesses and Gods. Gratitude for the beautiful guidance of Gaya, Mario and for you, beloved assistants🌟

And to all caring beings – thank you.

It’s still hard for me to put this extraordinary experience into words.

I am full of joy and excitement, feeling this new quality filling this next chapter of my book of life, which I will share with the world.