Monika, ‘Dancing with the Gods and Goddesses’, 2024

The ‘Dancing with the Gods and Goddesses’ workshop was a very powerful work with the myth we live in. Before the workshop, I had a dilemma which myth to choose. I was considering some serious, dignified and wise myth, but at the last moment the story of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ came out of me. Anyway, Alice had appeared before, but I didn’t take her seriously. As it turned out, thanks to this story, work at the workshop took an unexpected turn for me. I was actually confronted with the voice of the Queen, who can do anything and has enormous power in her posture and voice. She makes decisions without a shadow of doubt.

It was hard for me to handle this power. It wasn’t easy for my throat to express myself like a queen. I discovered previously unavailable levels of power in my body, I reached the guts, the cell level. I am still dealing with this discovery, my body lets go, especially around my jaws and throat. It is easier for me to express my needs and boundaries in truth and authenticity. While processing my myth, I also worked with the myths of my Family and the entire group of Goddesses and Gods. There was an amazing experience of the connection in which we live. We all function as one organism in the energy that surrounds us. I had the feeling of a hive full of bees, where everything had its sense and order.

Therefore, by changing myself, I know that I am working to change all the Souls connected to me. It gives me a higher and broader meaning. I’m learning and observing what piece of myth I live in. It gives me easier access to myself and, therefore, life in connection with other people who surround me. I left the workshop confident, with my power and the Queen’s courage.

All Gods and Goddesses accompany me in the dance called life every day. Thanks to you, I have a broader view and a different perspective. It is thanks to you and the energy you gave that so much has happened. I am very grateful to you. Your myths also came to life in me.

Thanks to my beloved ones from Nowa Morawa for all the wisdom I receive to feel more. The body tells the truth.

My Wonderland is alive and thriving.