David, ‘Dancing with the Gods and Goddesses’, 2024

This workshop is a surprisingly powerful, dynamic… yes fun but also challenging. It gives great inside into many of the forces and characters that co-star with you in your life. There is a dawning realization that everyone and every situation is a direct reflection of you. As the inner shifts the outer world shifts in phase. As above so below. ‘The dancing with gods’ workshop is about accepting ones natural birthright’s to give love and receive love, to experience all of life’s experiences, to connect with source, to step into roles fully while they serve you and the world but never mistake them for who you are, fully surrendering and trusting that what is in the moment is the right thing.

And its storytelling and how your story has brought you wisdom which was the whole purpose of the experience… 

Helping to meeting the moment with consciousness, joy, vitality and fullness. You can be a freaken Greek god or goddess, a hero, a harlot, a villain, visit Heaven and Hades in a few hours… whatever you need for your growth will appear.