Magdalena, ‘Dancing with the Gods and Goddesses’, 2024

I waited two years for this workshop, I went there with the feeling that it was very important to me… and I was not wrong 😊While working with my fairy tale, I felt how much I was running away from something, how much I was clenching and controlling myself so as not to go deeper and experience it. I saw events, images, feelings that accompanied me during my journey through life. What I repressed because it was too uncomfortable and did not fit the “ideal image” of myself. I saw these mechanisms.

There was greater consent to conscious experience without getting stuck in old patterns that were familiar but did not serve me. Greater sense of self in everyday situations. I realize that my body guides me, I feel what serves it and what does not.

I experienced incredible relief and the famous “aha, that’s it” while working through my fairy tale.

Discovering the role of each of its characters, their power, energy and strength, but also softness, kindness, tenderness and humility showed me that I am All That. How good it was to see it in myself, to feel it, without criticism and judgment, easily accepting that it was all mine.

Knowing this gave me the feeling of closing a certain stage in my life. And as usually happens, when I close something, there is space for something new…😊

The ritual sanctified the combination of these qualities in me. I move on with the awareness of the Miracle that I am and the Beautiful World surrounding me🌸.