Zbigniew, ‘Dancing with the Gods and Goddesses’, 2024

I’m just coming back from the “Dancing with the Gods and Goddesses” workshop. I am coming back from an extraordinary meeting of brave women and men who want to change something in their lives. Meeting the myth of my life and that of other participants showed me the mechanisms that accompany me in my life. It also showed how some of them don’t necessarily serve me anymore, don’t serve my relationship, my family, and the world. Meeting how everyone on my life path was necessary for me to get where I am and meet this woman who will help me to wake up. I will awaken to find my way to my power as a responsible man.

I am becoming more and more present in my relationship with myself, with the woman I love, with my daughter and with the world.

It’s amazing to see how on the path of my life there was always God saying – “you are safe, this is the path, trust…”

It was an amazing sacred ritual of accepting gifts to be able to share them. Well, share yourself and at the same time accept gifts from other people in humility – listening to yourself and your heart. It was also a discovery of the male part in myself, where the truth in presence and courage has a huge power of cleansing changes affecting both me and everything around me. Like a wave of holy cleansing fire.

“Dancing with the Gods and Goddesses” was also about accepting myself as a guide, ready for my path. I see how important my constant growth on my path is for me, my family and the world. And this is where responsibility arises in me and a joyful curiosity about what lies ahead of me and what lies ahead of us.