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New Year Tantra of the Heart

28/12/2015 - 01/01/2016

Nowa Morawa

28.12.15 – 1.01.16
Nowa Morawa, Poland


Bębny szamańskie

It is 5 days of merrymaking and fun! This one-of-a-kind workshop combines the power of shamanic rituals and tantric energy so that your New Year’s resolutions gain magical powers and come true! During this New Year’s Eve workshop we open our senses, sensibility and intuition. We will recall our possibly long forgotten dreams, needs and desires, which used to give our life meaning and direction.
In the Ritual of Passage we learn what we do not want to carry on to the New Year 2016 and what we definitely take leave of, what we want to terminate on the physical, psychological and emotional level. We define our desires and goals for the new year. We find the strength and energy needed to accomplish the goals. And all this in the unique tantric atmosphere, in the energy of fun and joy. Being aware of our inner strength and the power of the rituals we can bring a change to our life and create what we wish for.
Tantra of the HeartAccording to the Mayan calendar, present times are the times when the Earth undergoes profound changes in the material as well as in the spiritual sphere. A different standard of living begins on the Earth, we all enter into a different level of consciousness and frequency, a new era begins.
It is the time of walking the spiritual path, the path of love and harmony. Discover a creator in yourself, the Creator of Life.
Each individual should be aware of the fact that it is us who shape our world and its future lies solely in our hands. It is what we create within ourselves that we vibrate and resonate on the outside.

“Once upon a time right after a New Year, a young man decided to leave everything behind. But it wasn’t more than an hour later, and the new year hadn’t even properly breathed in yet, when the Tantra of the Heartman decided to return to a few important issues he left in the old one. He ran as fast as he could to the old year. The door was closing, but he somehow managed to get in. It is so lucky I came back, he said happy with the decision he made. However, when he saw how much he had left behind, how many precious moments to bid farewell to, how many kisses, triumphs, hopes – those which had born fruit as well as those crushed. He started to feel regret for all this and decided to linger a bit in the past.
‘The door is going to close in a while’ he heard a voice from behind.
‘Just a minute, I will get going in a while, please wait, just one more picture. Oh, and I might take this map too, it already showed me the way once… I’ll be ready soon, look at me, I’m in such a hurry…’
When the man got to the door it had already been closed, there was not a crack to squeeze through… And so he stayed in his past forever …”

Let go off the old, close the door behind you and do not turn around. You will get a new map, new Tantra of the Heartdirections and… new life in the New Year, just do not fear.
We wish you happiness and fulfillment!!! It will be the best year you have ever had. I have a premonition – I have been told by the trees…
In the attentive, secure and warm atmosphere of the workshop you will experience, among others:
• Relaxation of the body (the release of tensions and stress) to open it up to fully feel yourself and the world around you.
• Tantric massage.
• Awakening of our chakras, our ‘energy centres’; allowing the unimpeded energy flow through all the chakras.
• How to open your senses and really feel yourself, other people, the world around, nature.
• Evaluation of the passing year.
• Defining and strengthening your New Year resolutions, finding strength and energy needed to keep them.
• Ritual of Passage – you will define what you do not want to carry on into the New Year and you definitely leave behind.
• Tantric Wave (one of the most powerful Tantric exercises).
• You will create your own, unique New Year Mandala.
• New Year merrymaking with wonderful people
• Meditation, dance, movement, singing of mantras and joy!

We invite couples and singles. We invite you to create your own life! We invite you to enjoy yourself and have great fun!