Tantric-shamanic workshop 'The Lover’s Journey’

The Lovers’ Journey – the way of conscious relationships

We live in times where more and more people look for the ‘alive’ relationships with others, where they will be able to experience themselves and life in fullness, where there is a sincere exchange of thoughts and feelings, where the power of creation replaces meagre comfort.

This workshop is for anyone who is curious about how they build their relationships and partnerships, how they select friend circles, colleagues. This is a unique opportunity to look deeper into how you create all relationships and what directs you there, what mechanisms, habits. The world consists of men and women and our choices are guided by the image of a man and a woman we hold inside ourselves, our idea of the masculine and feminine aspect, Anima and Animus.

Anima and Animus are concepts popularized by Carl Gustav Jung, they are more or less conscious in each of us. Everyone has a positive and negative aspect of anima and a positive and negative aspect of the animus, a specific image of femininity and masculinity in the unconscious.

These archetypes represent the image of all experiences with people of the opposite sex, which we carry as individuals and as representatives of the genre.

These paintings are one of the reasons for our passionate sympathy and antipathy. In particular, they are unconsciously projected on our life partner. This makes him a person representing the characteristics of our own soul.

In order to be fully oneself, one has to meet his inner Anima and Animus in both aspects – positive and negative. A person, wanting to connect with his internal Anima, must understand the female energy that manifests itself in passivity, sensitivity and emotionality, wanting to connect with his internal Animus, must first of all understand male energy that manifests itself in activity, domination and logic.

This is an opportunity to look at what attracts me – to women, men – and what repels and what I am not aware of. What I provoke without knowing about it. What groups of people attract me, why I still meet the same people? What do they want to teach me?

Sublimation, integration, transformation, and the strength of creation can lead us where we do not only discover what drives us in life, but where we can go further, where we reach the potential of the feminine and masculine, we do not know about yet. To be able to live with them and enjoy and play with them.

We invite couples and single participants.

Teacher: Mario, animator, psychotherapist, actor, director, teacher of tantra, and a shaman. A vigilant observer of the reality, a beekeeper and traveller, passionate about life. A happy husband and father, supported by his wife Gaya and a team of therapists, always with a sense of humor.

Information and registration: Anna Waszkielewicz + 48 720 893 888, anna.w@tantra.pl

Cost: 350 euro / person; couples 325 euro / person + accommodation and board: 25/30 euro /day

Place: Poland, Nowa Morawa, Massif of Snieznik