Jean-Sebastien, Formation, Ecole du Tantra, mars 2017

I have really this feeling that after „Hero’s Journey” and second meeting tantra workshop that it was the beginning of a new life for me ! I met my demon, my hero, I discovered my strength, that I am a peaceful warrior.

I noticed that I was afraid of my power, afaid to express my agressivity, to be angry, now I can express it !
I also feel deeply the connection with ther earth, the nature, water, the air, the fire ! All the elements
I feel more grounded, rooted, and my presence has completely changed ! My presence to myself and to the world, tu i teraz, here and now !
I share my sensibility with the others, in the men circle for example
I discover myself everyday, who I really am, close to my heart 
Today, what is important, is to be true, to be honest with myself
I allow myself not to be perfect, to do what I feel inside in my heart, no matter what people are thinking.
Jean-Sebastien, School of Tantra of the Heart