Zbyszek, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication, 4th meeting, 2023

The Fourth meeting of ‘Dwarves’ Formation was like a magical date with myself, where I was delighted to discover more and more of my values and powers. I see more and more clearly how each day of living in mindfulness and presence, in yourself is internal care and growth.

I also see how, thanks to my presence within myself, I am increasingly strengthening my trust in the wisdom and truth that I always carry in my heart. I also see how my wisdom and the truth of my heart give me answers to all the questions that bother me.

I am increasingly awakening within myself the power to follow my path in trust, with courage and exploratory curiosity that develops and nourishes me and the world around me. I feel more and more grateful for each day that is given to me, for each moment of realizing my amazing adventure with all its aspects of lessons and gifts.

I also see more and more how compulsive consumerism in various aspects of my life can distance me from my true essence, as if I were getting lost and disappearing. Noticing this mechanism gives me the opportunity to choose, with courage and curiosity.

The fourth formation meeting of dwarves were also like an impulse that awakens in me the power of self-distance, joy and delight, which I want to discover and cultivate.

Haha, it was such a date as an inspiration to open up even more deeply to the power of my sensitivity, thanks to which I can increasingly refine my masculinity in mindfulness, presence and closeness. For me, each meeting in Morawa is a return to my own source of abundance of gifts and blessings.