Maria, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication, 4th meeting, 2023

It was an important time for me that taught me or maybe reminded me a lot about myself. A time filled with exercises – rituals that deeply touched our subtle strings. The great power of these workshops is the fact of something like group therapy, I think that no individual therapy is able to give such strong feelings and impressions as group therapy, when we encounter souls, situations, fears, wounds but also joys so similar in other people to ours. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe, almost identical…

Then the feeling of isolation passes, some kind of frustration caused by alienation and loneliness in our heads. Often the exercise will not be completed if we are not fully committed and attentive to and for the other person. It is very difficult to be selfish in such a situation. Our hearts and eyes open to other people. On the synchronicity of life. How we are connected.

At the same time, I realized how often I cannot take care of my own needs, I do not communicate, I look for alternative topics. Such a strong training in yin and yang energy, which only this workshop opened my awareness to. This time strongly showed me to celebrate every moment with tender, sensual breathing.

In its beautiful, simple ordinariness. I remembered that I like silence and tenderness, and that relaxing, giving space and movement gives freedom. That an open heart is the ability to distinguish good from evil and to cut off regret and sacrifice. I left the workshop with gratitude, emotion and healing. A breath that helps dissolve my head, which is hot with rebellion. I don’t expect anything, I take what comes, because it is sacred anyway. I celebrate the ordinariness in my breath. Now you need to remember all this and try to implement it in your activities every day.

This is not the end of the workshop. As the teachers said – tantra lasts forever.

Mrs. Maria the Dwarf