Magdalena, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication, 5th meeting, 2024

I came to the formation with the need to change my life, find a way to myself, organize and close certain stages of my life.

All this happened and much more.

Like a multi-layered onion, layers were falling off me one by one. I started to see myself more and more authentic, in truth, simplicity and joy. Subsequent experiences provided understanding and how the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. This puzzle is still going on, but it is growing and expanding – just like me. I am in increasing delight over life, over this moment here, now.

The fifth meeting in the energy of the Dwarfs was a summary of this stage of self-development.

Something has ended and made room for a new beginning. It was a meeting with myself, another opportunity to travel deeper, to see where there is still something that does not serve me and maybe it is worth letting go of it 😉.

I saw and felt my femininity and power, the connection with my ancestors, thanks to whom I can be here and experience the wonders of life. I pay tribute to their work, hardships and efforts they made for a better life. I am at a place in the history of the Earth and our country where I can decide for myself and make free choices, keeping in mind the good of myself and others. I can and I choose freedom, joy, love, but also work for myself and the world, taking care of our mother Earth, development, learning and constantly searching for my future path.