David, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication, 3rd meeting, 2024

No understanding of life is complete that does not have at its core that we are on a journey towards authentic power, to fully feel, to feel fully alive in all its majesty and messy and juicy details. A power that loves life in every form that it appears, that doesn’t judge what it encounters and sees the meaning and the deep purpose in the smallest things…. 

This workshop builds on all that was learned in the first two and peels back the layers of your ego, your deepest patterns deeply imprinted in your body, brings them to the surface for integration and release. It deeply awakens a sense of love and sacred respect for oneself and others. It helps you look into the parts of you that you have hidden… calling back your power and authenticity and your ability to LIVE! It requires courage but returns that coin tenfold in sheer experience of life and joy!