Renata, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication, 3rd meeting, 2024

My reflection from the 3rd Tantra meeting: becoming self-aware. Returning to Myself. Embracing the vision and recognition of two worlds functioning in parallel within me: one, well-defined, human, mentally and emotionally conditioned by history, the past of. Oh, how habitual it is, automatic, immediate in its expression of harm, suffering, sacrifice – and a second field gently claiming its place in my life. When I stop in silence and stillness, I establish contact with my inner self. As I write these words, I feel moved in my heart and a smile appears on my face. Gentleness in the heart and an embracing, accepting presence.

I am extremely grateful for the third meeting at Our Tantra School, where I could experience the expansion of self-awareness together with my companions on the tantric journey. I consider this state to be an extraordinary gift, because when I touch with mindfulness what is happening inside me, acceptance and recognition occur. There is no longer even a need to choose. Because there is one need in my heart – to be alive, authentic and connected. And that’s what I choose. I allow myself to live, feel and breathe fully.

I would like to thank myself and the entire wonderful Morawa team for the miracle of the ongoing transformation.