Anna, School of Tantra of the Heart, Formation of Psychodynamics of Relations and Body Communication, 2nd meeting, 2023

The great transformative adventure on this complicated but extremely beautiful trail of confessions is the opportunity to cross the boundaries of one’s own fears and bring to light the undiscovered secrets found there.

This is exactly what I experienced when I met a group of exceptional souls who were able to create a safe space of trust in which everyone could open up to their deepest fears.

Full of fears that my “head” suggested, I entered a place full of mutual appreciative glances, I knew that I was in a special place. The smile on the faces of the people present there announced something more than just an ordinary meeting. This is a group of people ready to discover each other, without judgment, expectations or prejudices.

The exercises began with delicate sounds, as if a musical rehearsal, but soon they evolved into louder notes and more intense rhythms. Each movement is a different story trapped in the body. Because the body is like a safe that hides our emotions, and we are like the fools of this world who have forgotten the key to it. Each exercise is like lighting a fire – a small flame that could ignite the fire of courage and authenticity.

The meeting was a journey through my own fears and shame. And to this day I don’t know what comes first and what is more important.

Shame? Fear? Or maybe it’s a dark tandem that holds me in an iron, ghostly grip and doesn’t allow me to blossom. He is the one who suggests ready-made answers, creates stories without dates and the perspectives of others who are not even there. Such a magical poison that slowly sucks your life away and you won’t even notice how slowly you fade away…

Each story was a drop that slowly fell onto each of us and floated in our shared space. In these moments, people became each other’s light, mirror and maybe even a shadow that reached the corners of our souls.

It was a safe and accepting space. The voices that rang out during this time were full of learning, wisdom, compassion and understanding. I met people there who not only listened, but also heard – literally and emotionally. It was a magical feeling, like finding your long-lost voice or connection. It’s a warming feeling like a cozy corner in the oven.

Leaving this place was difficult. Any reason to delay the trip was good. The longing I felt warmed my body, and at the same time, a warm vortex sucked out my heart, words, and gaze.

I would like such meetings to last forever and never end. But although separated from the rest of the world, these few days spent together had a huge transformative power. All our fears and shame and concerns found their place in the field of mutual respect and understanding.

This meeting gave me the strength to overcome my own limitations. Instead of being afraid that others will judge me for my words, my appearance, my look, I now know that I can trust that I will be welcomed with open arms. This place became an oasis where everyone could find their medicine and healing.

That’s why now, when I look at this paper, I see not only words, but also a reflection of a look that I once knew. A look of acceptance that transforms fears into courage and shame into strength. Thanks to this small group of people, this humble card becomes a safe space, filled with the powerful energy of trust.

It was not just a meeting, but also a lesson. A lesson that gathering in a safe space of trusted people can be the most effective tool for transformation. This proved that my home library is rich, but what good is it when reading itself fills us with hope, and the body as an energy mass remains blocked.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this incredible process of mutual discovery and growth.