Open Tantra Workshop "Wildness - Jump into Joy"

Tantra Workshop

18 - 23.10.16 Nowa Morawa, Snieznik Mountain Range, Poland

We invite you to an open tantric workshop about spontaneity, wildness, humour, instinct and intuition. Now, before the winter, and after the summer, to regain energy and contact with your inner self, your true self.

If you wish to join the Formation Group, the 2-year School of Tantra of the Heart at the second meeting, you can do so by participating in this workshop.


New Year Tantra of the Heart

New Year Tantra of the Heart28.12.2016 - 01.01.2017, Poland, Nowa Morawa, Snieznik Mountain Range

Five days of unique and grand fun! A very different workshop, where we mix together the powers of shamanic rituals, tantric energy and strength, so that the spoken wishes of New Year's Eve can take on magical powers and be fulfilled.